...Like sand slipping from my hand
...Like sand slipping from my hand stories

stardust_gaze Words give me wings...
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...Like sand slipping from my hand

You...Oh you.. Without you what would I be, what would I confide in, how would I exist?

Coming to you, achieving you was never easy... It was like walking on a road of roses adorned with thorns, it was like rummaging the sea for a pearl, it was like hoping for a drop of water from the ruthless desert...

Yet I beheld in me the madness to fight circumstances,to rebel against any storm that aimed to separate us...to fight even myself if I had to...

Why then? Why did you leave me to perish in that infinity that beheld us once? Why didn't you feel that intoxication I had for you?

Why did you let go of me when what I needed was only you?

But then I realized that you were like...

...like the sand slipping from my hand...

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