Across the Waves of Stars and Stripes. A Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump fanfiction Part One

Across the Waves of Stars and Stripes. 

A Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump fanfiction 

Part One politics stories

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Donald J Trump comes from a wealthy family, bored of how easy his life is he traveled to kingdom far away across the sea. There he finds him. 15 years has passed, and now he's on a mission to meet him again The only problem is that he's the ruler of a dictatorship nation. Can love be powerful enough to break through politics, internal conflict, the news, and assassinations? Read to find out.

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Across the Waves of Stars and Stripes. A Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump fanfiction Part One

Part One Getting Started!

"They say love has no borders. But how can that be the case when we're literally an ocean apart? " I stood up from my finely made hand crafted chair from Italy and walked toward the balcony of my grand hotel. "I don't ever want to forget that day." "Dawn I've listened to your story so many times I won't forget it even if I wanted to." Said my good friend Joe.

"That's good! Incase I ever forget any details I'll be sure to turn to you." I said as I gave a quick punch to his shoulder. "You know I always gotcha" "But seriously Joe, I feel like I need to get there somehow-" "Now Dawn, how on earth are you going to get to Korea? You know they aren't kind to tourists" he said warningly.

"Yeah yeah I know but-" "Dawn listen to me, the only people going in and out of there are politicians, military peeps, scientists-" "Ohmygofsh Joe you're right why haven't I thought about that sooner?" I exclaimed. "I-w- uh what?" Biden stuttered

"The only way for me to meet him is by being a political person" i told him as I walked back to the living room. "A politician!?" He yelled to me "Yeah that" I said still walking. "Dawn you have no experience in politics how are going to become one?" He rushed toward me. "Well i got you?..." I turned.

"What do you- oh, oh no I" "Please Jay? can you help me? "naw naw no this isn't what-" "Come on jay, Joe, blue jay, Jay Bi, JO" Joe looked at my eyes, he sat down. He looked at the balcony and after a few seconds of thinking he looked back at me.

"*sigh* Alright, I'll help you" He rose from his seat and wrapped his arm around me. "Thanks J.O I appreciate it" "Yeah yeah don't mention it. But don't call me JO" "No"

"Okay Dawn. The presidential election is happening in 7 months. Looks like we've got to speedrun your campaign" "Does that mean I've got homework to do?" "Yup. Lots of homework" "Sigh."

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6 months later in the living room... "Okay Dawn. I've done all I could to prepare you. " "Wait you aren't gonna help me anymore?!"I said worringly. "Well I-uh it's. SIgh. Listen Dawn I can't be your vice president-" "Wha, How come?"I questioned

"You know how I left the office, I don't want the media to think I'm doing it again." Joe started "Joe listen to me. I promise I won't let the media do that again. " I said reassuringly. "I know but Barrack will surely hear about me being your VC." "Yeah well so what? He won't be President so there's not much he could do right?"

"I suppose you're right," he said while he clenched his fist. He turned to Dawn for a moment then gazed at his hand. "Okay." He punched Dawn's shoulder. "I'll be your VP". "Thanks Joe, I won't be able to meet Him without you". "Hey, you know I always gotcha"Joe said wrapping his arm around Dawn. Then looked outside toward the horizon.

That's chapter one. yeah

by stanstorm38

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