Colm Lynch's Haiku
Colm Lynch's Haiku sea stories

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Colm Lynch's Haiku

those sharp bits of rock they cut deep on the soft sole the salty sea stings

I am lost out here I have been alone for days please someone find me

I am near starving my flesh cooking on this sand my head won't stay clear

our boat wrecked by storm men are nowhere to be seen they rest in the sea

this island is hell I eat what I can find here but there is not much

I will die here soon my bones will rest on this land I am sure of it

I see a boat pass I yell for it to take me but it sails away

this place is no hell as time goes I like it more I never will leave

this place is home now a house would be perfect here I shall get to it

leader of the land I lead the fish and the waves they do as I please

YES! YES! boats go home this is my sanctuary the island and me

An excerpt from Malcolm (Colm) Lynch's journal found on his person. This piece, as well as a few others in his journal, was written during his time on the island. Only member of the whaling ship Apollo to be found. September 3rd, Year of Our Lord 1764

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