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...and beyond! (Second picture is my own, and I'm technically in it!)

To Infinity...

Snug sun your smile. Wrapped in one hundred balloons. You embrace the day!

Wispy words like clouds. Fingertips are whirly planes. They write your heart out!

Sometimes you weep words. Puddle and splash of your dreams. Yet, your tears bring life.

Snowy ashes fall. Icy winter wonderland. Your pause, glistening!

Summer slumber bliss. Sunset, pastel orange sigh. Must your joy fade out?

Phoenix in the storm. Your will fights back through rainclouds. Harmony rejoice!

Sun will come back out. Please stay fluffy like ice cream! Love and life need rest.

Through our cosmic march, Sky blue will be a colour– Every season.

Memories, ad infinitum!

Aside: I was going to post something completely different for either today or tomorrow, but I was inspired, again, on my run today! I hope eight haikus isn't too much, but I wanted to tell something a bit more dynamic. I really hope you guys like this one. I was also going to include a part on the night sky, but I cut it out. It didn't fit. :)

Also, I have a question - for my next post, I have two ideas that I want to do. Tell me which one sounds more appealing! They will also come later due to two more exams I have - one on Saturday, one on Monday.

1) Something more sci-fi, basically a 'romance' of sorts with an AI that will be an internal monologue. Somewhat based on my favourite video game franchise, since video games can be art. (Can be, I should emphasize)

2) Something something summertime sadness... Basically a more melancholy and bittersweet piece about the summer and feeling somewhat alone. It won't be sad, though - I promise! Expect something resembling a sigh in 200 or less words.

I also made this piece as a dedication of sorts to one user on this site, @skye! I want you to know that we all really appreciate your kindness and generosity on the site, and you have affected us all in very positive ways.

I know that you said that you considered leaving Commaful, and we will respect your decision if you do decide that. But remember that we will all cheer for you no matter what! Write your heart out, even beyond this site! <3

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