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The sweet, special kitty that never gave up.

The Sweet, Special Kitty

Curled up like a cinnamon roll, little Agnes watched out the window with her eyes that shined like daffodils.

She was the cuddliest kitty ever, with perfect paws and black fur that was as dark as the deepest shade of the starry night sky.

She loved her humans – she loved pats on her forehead and tasty tempting treats and taking long afternoon siestas, where she dreamed of a world where treats grew on trees and she could jump with joy in sunflower meadows!

But her humans were soundly asleep and she guarded the house like a policewoman on paw patrol, making sure that no nightmares scared them.

Agnes got up and arched her back up like a fluffy kitty rainbow, leaping off of the chair like a little lion!

But then, she could hear something at the back door:

Meow! Meow!

Agnes galloped to the back door as fast as a tiger, and saw a poor kitten in the cold rain!

Meow! Meow!

The kitten had snowy white fur with stripes of bright brown, and eyes that were as blue as the ocean, and he was shivering so much!

How can I help this poor kitten? thought Agnes, as the door was locked and the humans were asleep.

But she promised herself that she would help this kitten: she would bring him a warm bowl of milk and a soft, silky, and smooth blanket.

"It’s going to be okay! I’m going to help you!" said Agnes to the kitten, as she ran upstairs to wake up the humans.

But when Agnes got to their door, it was locked! She tried to pounce the doorknob like a panther, but it wouldn’t budge!

Agnes tried everything, from pushing the door with the power of paws to doing a cat crawl under – but nothing worked.

What would Agnes do?

She wasn’t like the other cats, she couldn’t meow. But she was a very special, sweet kitty that never gave up.

Then, she got an idea, a perfect idea that made her eyes widen like two sparkly diamonds, and made her tail wag wildly like a happy butterfly!

Agnes, being such a frisky funny feline, found a toy train set that one of the humans played with.

The train was as red as royalty and pulled carts filled with toy candies and cookies, and Agnes flicked a little switch with the whack of her paw.

Choo Choo! sang the train all through the house, thanks to its kitty cat conductor!

"What is that noise?" shouted the dad human as he hurriedly tiptoed to the train.

"Agnes, you naughty cat! Don't you know it's bad behaviour to wake people up in the middle of the night?" said the dad.

But Agnes dashed like a cheetah to the back door – where the kitten was now shaking!

Me-ow! M-eow! Brr!

As the dad human rushed to open the door, Agnes went to her little wool house to get a furry blanket for the poor soaked kitten.

She dragged the blanket with her tickly teeth, and then brought down yummy turkey treats to make the kitten as happy as a kitty on Christmas morning.

When Agnes was back, the sweet kitten was snug on the blanket like a bread loaf, and spoke to her with a merry meow!

The kitten sprang up like a trampoline and gave Agnes tender kisses, she was his hero!

The cozy cuddly kitties were safe and sound, and the dad human gave them comfy rubs on their foreheads.

Agnes felt her heart purr with precious pride, as she was a very special, sweet kitty that never gave up!

(Aside) This was a children's story that I wrote back in October 2019 and I wanted to share it with you all today. :) (Also, the picture that you see right now, unlike the rest of the piece, is of my cat!)

I am currently writing a third story about my cat (who is named Agnes, yes! Mittens is fictional, though), so I will post the second story tomorrow and the third the day after as it is nearing completion. I hope that this one was cute and fun to read, as I had a lot of fun writing it! :D

I hope that you are all doing well through these times and remember to socially distance and stay safe! Keep writing and take care, Commaful! <3

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