The Summer Siesta and the Whiskers
The Summer Siesta and the Whiskers story stories

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Whiskers sparkling in the sunlight like soda bubbles.

The Summer Siesta and the Whiskers

On a sultry summer afternoon and with soft fur that looked like swirling sundaes, two fluffy friends stretched out their little silky foreheads to soak in the sunshine.

Adorable Agnes and merry Mittens loved to sunbathe through sweet siestas, dreaming of tempting catnip-coated treats and scuba-diving for succulent salmon in the sea!

Their whiskers sparkled in the sunlight like soda bubbles: they were purring pancakes that flopped over like two ebony and marble bread-rolls.

But then, as a frisky kitty that leapt in the air like a panicked panther, Agnes sprang to the bellowing bark of a dog!

Ruff-ruff! Ruff-ruff!

With breathing that scampered like cuddly paws, Agnes calmed down when she saw the doggy out the window.

She also saw that sweet Mittens still slept as snug as a kitten hug - he must have had fearless feline dreams, being the lion leader of his cozy cat kingdom!

Before returning to her calm catnap and curling up like a cinnamon roll with two eyes like amber gems, a naughty human patted her forehead!

Agnes wanted to give the roar of a majestic tiger, but the harmless human started to give heavenly headrubs.

“Agnes, can you wake Mittens up? I noticed that Prince keeps barking and scaring you, and I wanted to tell you both a story that will help!”

Agnes gave a tender headbutt to mischievous Mittens, who gently waved his tiny paws at the crowd of kitties that looked like bundles of blankets in his dreamland-kingdom.

Like the quick whack of a courageous cat, milk-white Mittens woke up after giving one final meow that echoed through the halls of his sweethearted home, promising to return!

Smiling at the pair of proud pumas that prowled to pursue him, the human walked over to a chair and sat snugly as Agnes and Mittens leapt like lynxes onto his lap.

“You two are such cutie-pie critters! Aggi and Mitts, there was once a dog named Pepper that lived in this house.

She was a pup as black as midnight and with eyes that shone like jade, and she loved the humans very much.

Some dogs bullied her for being friends with the felines, though. But she loved to teach them how to chase their tails and do tricks.

At night, they and some other dogs would howl at the dazzling moon, for they were frisky puppies and kitties that learned to get along!”

After the tale of pets, melodic Mittens gave a magnificent meow to Agnes, letting his furry friend know how much he loved jolly joyful stories.

But his fish-bowl-blue eyes glimmered gleefully and he meowed again with cheetah cheer - he told Agnes that in his dreamland-kingdom, the kitties had many puppy-pals and they all had pet-parties!

Agnes gave a smile as sad as a crying kitten without plushy yarn, though.

A long time ago, Agnes lived with different humans inside a cramped apartment. It was no joyful gymnasium of a cat castle, and there were no toys or treats for Baby Aggi to enjoy.

She spent her cheerless days covered up under the couch, hiding from a playful pug named Pablo.

Pablo was no Pepper - he tormented and teased the poor kitty, being the reason why Agnes never meowed.

But there were many dogs like and unlike Pablo, Pepper, or Prince. Prince was a loyal Labrador to his humans and loved heartfelt headrubs very much, just like her.

Like a cat that spots a strand of yellow yarn on a down drizzly day, Agnes began to peacefully purr at the warm words of the human and Mittens.

She knew she could count on her friends.

(Aside) So, this is the third story about my cat and the most ambitious one, to me, in terms of story and such. I finished it today, too, as I have been working on it for the past week bit-by-bit. :)

I am unsure when I will write another one, but I want to wait for a good idea to hit me first. I had a lot of fun writing this and some parts here (despite creative liberties) are true, like my old dog Pepper, Agnes being afraid/hateful of dogs (I love dogs, btw), and the fact that she can't meow.

I hope that you all enjoyed this one and that you are all safe and well. Take care, Commaful! Keep writing, creating, or doing whatever you like to do. <3

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