The Moon, Stars, and Crossroads
The Moon, Stars, and Crossroads morning stories

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A collaboration of forty-two on interconnecting thoughts, emotions, and journeys! Enjoy!

The Moon, Stars, and Crossroads

(Preface) Over the past three months, myself and forty-one other writers have been hard at work on a collaboration with a unique, personalized twist: Rather than writing on a theme, each writer only recieved the final seven words of the preceeding part and had to use creativity to craft their part.

While there are thematic connections between each part, the real synergy in this collaboration comes from how each writer concocts ideas from the other through their own unique perspectives. The diversity of experiences, viewpoints, and styles all come together to create something that almost feels like a time capsule!

We all hope that you enjoy the experimentation and how each parts reflects the personality of each writer. We also encourage you to keep in mind that each writer only recieved the last seven words of the proceeding part, again, in the case of thematic changes across parts.

We are proud of our work and in these current times, we hope that it is a treat to read! <3 —Alex

She walked through the fog, a soft summer morn Hands were cold, heart heavy, demeanor forlorn

The sun peaked through, killing the fog, sparking a light in her eye Lifting her arms toward the sun, no longer wanted to die

A smile, a laugh, a spring in her step, she was on her way Living a life full of hope, taking it day by day (@iowamamaof3)

Vermillion sun Sliding inexorably Into foamy waves, Mark's another end.

Sighing from spent energy, He lays down his head. Sunrise shall arrive With yet another challenge. He must be ready. (@stevewaldrop)

Ready he must be To face the one thing he fears He must be prepared Or he might lose this dare

Day after day he'll lose himself And there'll be no one left to save him They're all too scared (@mjpaul)

His heart's made of concrete, his mind of crystal Cuts deep, deep down, far down The sun is sinking The moon is floating

Its light is mirroring on the chandelier Like a golden vine laden with grapes As dawn breaks His voice comes

"Are you asleep?" "Yes." I answer. "Are you?" "I've been asleep all this time." (@snowflakepixie)

"My dreams are the only escape This reality is too cruel and Not for me"

Though I knew Someday this dream will end and things might change Everything has a deadline an end My dreams and I will end soon too

Only if my will power didn't die I might still have hope in This world (@missmystry)

Take this hope— breathe it in deeply. Know it in your lungs.

As your chest expands, fill it with fields of wild flowers swaying in the wind

while faeries and nymphs frolick among fallen pastel petals floating to a silent symphony.

Exhale and pollinate the world with dreams of a greener future. Breathe hope wherever you go And bring magick back to life. (@usagi)

The early frost adorns the leaves, as gentle words on pages lift in shifting definitions,

they hold their gentle fortitude for meaning. Yours to assign— (@y)

built in layers of life from beating bloodstreams of love to a sparkling spectrum of dazzled daydreams.

Fortitude plucks the perfume of petrichor— poured from a tempest of nightmares in a sea of starless twilights— and distills its downcast dye to colour a coat of clairvoyance like the afterglow of the horizon.

It’s your simmering summer sunset whispering to effervescent dawns. (@stadarooni)

The dance of life calls as my spirit drifts freely. In the ambience of the day, when all possibilities are coming my way. Do I find the light and peace of flight, to guide my soul at bay.

As so simply through fate’s hand, as it flows to hearts on land. The effervescent dawns; a sight so grand, it could sew beauty in its strands. (@qimagine)

Yet, it’s never truly seen by those who look. Always hidden in the shadows; too afraid to show or be seen.

But what is there to be afraid of if you’re invisible? Always transparent to those who look; glancing but not looking.

Never truly knowing what is there in front of them. Driven by fear to hide from those who do not understand. (@amymarvel9)

Even if it should not matter if you don't find peace in one or another, if you can't fake a smile in front of your mother, father or any significant body;

In a dark cave you should hide away, to fully conceal your heart's way; cower in a corner and cry, as you look above and see a faint reflection of the glorious sky. (@blastimus)

A faint reflection of the glorious sky, There she was. Shining brighter than all the other stars.

She'd always been that way. Her blue black eyes captivated the whole world.

She might have left, But her presence never did. Memories would always find their way back. (@ryaaa3)

Bringing back with them the pain and the sorrow, From a past that kept foreshadowing your uncertain tomorrow.

Remnants of the time when you were lost amidst a crowd, Looking for something that was never there, for crying out loud!

Gasping for breath, crushed under the onslaught of memories, Longing for the end to come, you know that this storm would pass. (@angrygirl87)

Yet for a moment, you can’t help but linger. With these thoughts wrapping you around their finger. At the impending sensation of succumbing to the storm. Shackled by the desires which leave you scorned.

There comes a moment, when you feel like plunging, Towards a wreckage of no return.

But finding closure Grants more Than self-serving treasure. (@emina)

But somehow I still lust For the gratification of finding the part of my life that's still missing.

This closure caused exposure To the greedy part of me That I repressed.

Relief was so brief, Overpowered by a new crave to fill the newfound void With selfish treasure.

After all, you can't help others If you can't help yourself. (@bruvton)

COVID-19 has taught us just that Nature is screaming for us to help each other A virus unleashed exposing our global flaws

Rife with inequalities and unjust ways The pursuit of currency to spend our days The time has come to put conflict aside But an ego so huge has let humanity slide

Today, a global pandemic Rich get richer The poor die in servitude (@poemsaboutlife)

And serving others they forget themselves. Covering a queen’s needs, a king's wishes, burying their own need deep down in a chamber,

their own wishes become blurry in front of their eyes—till blindness. But walking towards their grave everything becomes clear again.

Darker wilder Stronger. Overwhelming. Deadly. They could be buried—couldn’t be killed.

They were blurred out—not removed. And fulfilled through death —like a black rose blooming at night, watered by the tears from their eyes. (@one_heartbeat)

I used to love your eyes, Until they betrayed me you used them to hide your secrets, And take me for granted.

Though you try to put out the fire With your useless tears, I burn I burn the lies, the things I changed for you,

I cleanse my heart and mind, anew Away from this dreaded place No longer to be used by you. (@hannaharnett)

As the note read, "Tomorrow the new morning will be whispered, and again the dawn will die in silence like the kid after crying the whole night.

Nothing will be alive enough as my hopes will remain unharvested, my songs unsung, my joys ungardened.

The canopy of stars will hide the shallow space like I hid mine and no one noticed." (@salmakhatoon918)

Perhaps I should have been more discreet and not have made eye contact with them as the vision of my crime became real.

But then, what was the fun in that? It was a thing of nothing

but it encapsulated my growing mischief, my searing thoughts, the shadow overbearing me now. It encapsulated a me that would rot. (@chronoprincess)

I try to find the words but they squirm as if the ink on my paper were alive, feeding on thoughts turned into piles of black mass.

The wind howls like a grieving widow, mourning a dying memory while somber seasons begin to bloom and blaze, one after the other.

And I will be there to harvest the moment. (@merrymuse)

Gifted by gods of higher lands Gifted to ease my fallen stance As music is played by my band Performing a little belly dance

Adrenal rushes from my glands Caressing my nerves, lending me another chance (@sassmyass1)

Fate reaches out and grabs my hands, and a universe is born inside of me. The cosmos in my atoms floats aimlessly. Constellations run through my veins.

Planets orbits around my mind, and meteors crash out of my mouth with every word spoken. A supernova waiting to happen.

"One day, eventually, you'll combust to stardust, and your soul will sigh in peace." she whispered. (@salutexvita)

A promise so sweet, I want to hide in its embrace.

But my soul has long been overgrown by ivy, My heart a graveyard of words never written, Thoughts thin as gossamer string, Where to begin?

I tether myself to the look in her eyes Find my courage in the bright tilt of her smile “Don’t be afraid,” she insisted, ever so gentle, “I’m listening.” (@robotic_nebula)

I had never relied on anyone but myself. There was a need to wrap myself in my own comfort and hoped it would replace the solace held in human connection.

She makes me want to be better but daylight isn’t as kind. The more distance between us, the safer she’d be— all I ever wanted. I replied, coldly. “I don’t think I ever remember asking.” (@in)

To be your personal punching bag Maniac you are, especially when I'm around

Ground and I meet once again at ten Realm of yours I leave at ten-oh-one Done with your world now it's time for me to go shine

Assign myself to the land of the ant Rant to them about how you took away a grant— one meant to give the world positivity (@u53rn4m3)

Was a lonely man. He was someone Destined for this place. Born with a Gentle soul and Kind eyes.

A symbol that this world we live in Will not always be A world where cruelty dominates the beauty that roams our minds.

The man with such a mind He was a walking philosophy. This man is the one who will change our world. (@darklyloved)

And in this hope, I breathe every day Yearning that with me, you'll also stay Probably we'll build our world With elegant dreams in our arms curled

Always I'll endeavour to make it favourable Us together, on a dining table. This unbearable life will be joyous again With you, I deduce, there will be no pain

With respect, compassion and appreciation Possibly, we'll attain, our destination. (@cherryme)

If we both use our intuition to guide us Not being swayed by the hypnotizing noise We can overcome our contradicting dreams That sway back and forth in our pendulum hearts.

You want to cry? Hold on to me as you do, And we can cry together. But as tears run down our face, we still step... step… (@kzachar1)

Flailing, every stride wavers. One step forward, but always three back. We protest; sweat and blood mingling, Callused hearts, so used to violence, finally crack.

Angry, disgusted, outraged. Their lives are worthy, but still, Blood mars our sidewalks. Indignity floods our streets.

How come every hard-won step, Is quickly outmatched by injustices? Our perseverance is nothing, When every step, every breath is silenced. (@ivoryannalise)

“I’m in love with you.” Her lips part in surprise, a flush creeping up her neck.

You reach out to brush away the strands of hair stuck in her lip gloss, redirecting when she coughs lightly.

You stare in embarrassed fascination, knowing this is going to go down as the most awkward confession in history. (@kaylynn)

(This presents a challenge to that common wisdom, "History is written by the victor." The idiom was already encumbered by one supposition: "Written" implies a finality to history.

It implies that history, once established, is left only to be read, remaining untouched by shifts of cultural context or by revisions of the newly empowered.

Now, another suppositional challenge: A confession this awkward has no winner.) (@vignette)

When the words danced from my lips, I saw the rejection in their eyes. Knowing how vulnerable I have become, I wished the dance had been disrupted.

The words keep dancing although I have withdrawn, What I thought was rejection was met with blushing and a quivering lip.

The heat rushing through their face, Their pulse increasing with their ceaseless desire. (@philmichaelwebs)

The heat grew as the night went ahead, Everything was lit with fire, As grew a sense of dread,

The nights had never been so intense, They lost their sense, Whether to continue or stop,

But as their enjoyment grew they decided to not drop, The night continued ablaze, The dawn drew close to start a new phase (@debadityadutta)

and time proved once again that the ending of the old are simply the beginnings of the new.

and time proved once again that while the chapter may cease, the book always continues on. (@weeklybrent)

There in the book is a legend to be told. Of a love emboldened. Even with struggles and strife love contravenes. Fate intervenes.

This book with countless scenes of altruism and delicate beautification. Can see the broken soul have ratification. With a sturdy spine and a soft veneer.

When the words are read the heart is steered like the perpetual river’s journey to the estuary. (@jbo)

of my mind. Wading birds dip their feet and peck at shallow thoughts that will never reach the ocean.

Stranded fish gasping on the mud flats with the sea in easy sight. Here they lie helpless and most will die.

When all else is gone some spark must fly across the reeds and swim to shore to spawn, fertilised by new ideas (@bettyv)

Little creatures broke free from their eggs. They were less "creatures" though then they were ideas of creatures. The importance lies in the chimera creation.

The chimera's were holograms, so un-concrete in their "here-ness" that they were completely made up. Chimera's could be anything the human or Artificial Intelligent mind invented.

Outside their holographic form, however, they were creatures that never existed at all. (@charliesheldon)

And memories of them, became a useless joke. The trees stay silent, the wind cries in agony, for the times...

They weren't just a myth. The water keeps flowing, the Sun is still high above, but yet... Life became tasteless.

Cause in the end, we are weak in front of a raging storm, and even more hopeless... when it swallows us. (@rei_st)

"We can't lose hope now, not when we're so close to finding a way to stop this darkness!" He shouted at me, but I shook my head.

In the beginning, I was like him—eager to fight, ready to put my all into finding the solution.

But now, with so many friends and loved ones lost to the darkness, I feared it was far too late. (@aknier)

But I also knew if I let fear have even one more moment of my time, then it would be. And so I abruptly ended our sordid love affair; we never spoke again.

The path wasn’t any more clear, but the roads were brighter— the streets alive and paved with the dreams of those long forgotten. How can something invisible take up so much space? (@mjkemp91)

We are truly an explosion of fury and of grace. We are amazing wonders, what rarities we have created.

With no regulations, we come from every place. Turning dreams into seeds, we're making laughters awake.

Here all that was wrecked, can finally be replaced. Growing our veins of vibrance, we are expanding and we are unafraid. Oh we're tumultuous, we are a never ending phase. (@nazhaabd)

(Afterword) We hope that you all enjoyed these forty-one parts that formed a smorgasbord of imaginative ideas and concocted creativity, all crafted into perilous pathways by each writer!

As my sixth full collaboration, I also want to thank all of you for your continued encouragement and enthusiasm! None of these would have been possible without that. I should also thank my Writing teacher in high school, who inspired this collaboration through a similar in-class activity a few years ago!

In case you thought that was it, there is also a surprise in the comment section that I HIGHLY encourage you to check out. Look out for a comment from me that has a YouTube link that may or may not lead to an audio/video version of the collaboration!

You all take care and continue to be brilliant, unique, and creative! Commaful is an amazing crossroad for imagination and you all have the capable to reach and explore the world through your words and more. <3

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