The Dandelion Day
The Dandelion Day ecstasy stories

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Summertime snooze is on!

The Dandelion Day

Buttercup butterflies flutter as stutters in my mind like a coma of colour;

They dance and romance like lazy daisies on summer afternoons.

Majestic monarchs pierce an earthquake of heartbreak that tones life duller;

They tickle and trickle – elating out of my mind like a thousand roving red balloons.

Through sweet siestas heated by halcyon blisses that kiss and whisper rapturous reveries,

Joys surge swash-song trills that urge my pains to emerge bound by a melody of ecstasy.

A spell of endless summer shores the scores of cranium cadenza concerts that spin my slumberous energies,

Fizzing in the bubble-wrap foam sensation of soda-synonyms and three scoops of helium that startle my spirits into brevity.

Will the fog of this coma lift to discover a swath of moths that lick the rapture into proximal midnight?

How can I spur my butterflies into an arc of lambent larks that glitter through reality’s dull daze?

Overstrung opponents might flashlight into my memories and write a chorus of whiplash white;

Bad feelings think they are a deck of knights and knaves – yet they will set themselves ablaze.

A soda stream of butterfly fizzes sentinel my sleep like a promise carried into my reveille.

I am not alone.

(Aside) So, I decided to try some poetry again after so long! My last two summertime pieces have been a little downbeat, so I tried to do something a bit more uplifting for today.

I had the idea for this piece roaming around my head for a few weeks, and I even have a failed draft of it. I am happy with the final result, and I can say one thing about my last few pieces: going out for runs helps with inspiration! :D

Regardless, my semester is over and I should be more active for the next few weeks! I am looking forward to going back to school in September, though! :) Take care, Commaful! <3

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