A Game of Tankas
A Game of Tankas tanka stories

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A terrific tanka collaboration with @skye on the majesty of the morning. Enjoy!

A Game of Tankas

Sunday snooze simmers, puree of smiles and daydreams, whisked in lulled sunshine. Slow cooked over morning breeze, love blooms at hued horizon.

Morning glazes grace – a turmeric temptation, baked in bisque delight. Glinting like candles galore, aisles of smiles ruffle the skies.

Frosted sensations, layered in heartbeats and hums, sprinkled with rainbows. Adding shimmer to my shine, breaths bump into gold giggles.

Whispers whip to songs, composed of cotton candy – sugar symphonies. Wrapped in poetry passion, silken swirls of melody.

Mirages melted – a pastel pavilion gleams, coated in glitter. Unbuttoning the hushed hopes, daylight sighs as dreams undress.

(@stadarooni's Aside) After many ideas unimagined, I finally got to write with @skye again! I hope that you all enjoyed our tankas -- we enjoyed writing them and etching fluffy words. :D Thank you all for reading! <3

(@skye's Aside) After a loooong time, we got to write together again today, and oh what fun it was! We played a game of tanka talks! Hope you enjoyed it too! :)) <3

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