Sunrise Promenade
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Jump joyously to the morning melody!

Sunrise Promenade

Chipper chirping birds sing their morning melodies, The Sun supremely soars in its jumping jealousies!

Tick-tock time toils tenaciously onto its winding waltz of the wispy white skiing blow of calming clouds with no faults!

Sky blue kissed by whimsical citrine sunlight, Splendid sunshine banana-split arms taking their frivolous flight!

The joyous jukebox of humanity’s hums is on pause, The grueling dueling majestic mountains instead give dawn applause!

Sunlight seeps its picturesque prism to make dancing dust swirl, Eased eastern Sun takes its promenade position and goes for the twirl!

The trees, the blue-jays, the meadow spring, They all blush bright to what joy the daytime brings!

A million eyes open to the earnest evergreen of the morning’s embrace, A million faces hugged by the gracious guardian of nature’s birthplace!

The juke-box plays, the melody continues!

Jump, jump, jump!

Je vais me promener aujourd'hui!

Aside: The last line means "I will walk around today". I had A LOT of fun writing this and I was waking up every two hours over the past night. I just suddenly though 'Sunrise Promenade' in my head as I heard birds chirping at 4am.

I was going to do the second AI piece for today, but I wanted to do something lighter and more optimistic and I hope that translates well. The second AI piece also does have a theme chosen. You will have to wait and see but I think it's something very beautiful and somewhat thought-provoking. We will see. :)

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