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A collaboration of forty on a very scenic subject! Enjoy!


(Preface) Over the past three months, myself and thirty-nine other writers have been working hard at a colossal collaboration.

Instead of being a simple successor to the last one collaboration, this one has taken on a life of its own thanks to the brilliance of each writer! This truly is a blend of words and dreams concocted into something special!

We all hope that you all enjoy our work on this and the culmination of so much hard work and effort! -- Alex

Ice cream and sunlight sweeten the air. While we learn to live without a care,

and love without boundary, I can't help but remember all of our days fondly.

Adventure is what we seek, everyday week by week. (@hannaharnett)

our summer days carved into our skin from gentle grass stains to soft sun kisses

we bathe in the music composed of our laughter we are drenched in the happiness of one another (@kianamp)

Lakes and beaches are where my heart lie, Going on adventures under the soft blue sky,

Making memories together is what I love to do, So let's take off into the night in any direction without a clue! (@michaelvaughn)

It's these days in the sun, The days we play together,

The days of endless fun, That I'll remember forever. (@ant)

Summertime is something I wait for whole year, I become excited as it comes nearer,

I love colourful butterflies, I love pretty blue sky,

I miss these memories so much They still make me cry. (@cherryme)

It’s the dressing of the season; no care, no class It’s the meadow’s caress that makes your toes wiggle

It’s the motionless lake, a flat mirror of glass It’s memories like these that make joyful tears trickle. (@nightblossom)

The scorching sun reflecting off the edge of your wine glass, forming rainbow particles into mid air,

Summer memories between Italian grape vines, nothing really can compare. (@poemsaboutme)

Exploring new places with all of your friends and praying to God that summer never ends.

Soaking up the golden rays till dusk every day. Oh, this is the paradise where I want to stay! (@briestories)

The crystal blue waves of Paradise Washing grains of gold and ice

The beams of sunshine hitting my skin Scorching hot like a deadly sin. (@sassmyass1)

Covered in mosquito bites and aloe vera Burnt to a fiery red crisp

Skinny dipping at night Crickets serenade us as we swim (@readmylips)

We step out of the water The night air cools our skin

Bodies glisten in the moonlight Laughter rings all around

Friends and fun in the summer Wishing it would never end (@iowamamaof3)

I will never forget those walks on the sand, And all those smiles when we’ve made the castle,

Because summer is not only about getting tanned, It’s about all the journeys that we’ve traveled. (@dawnvalley)

So let my laughter dance with yours, run with the summer breeze,

Oh, let it spin, entwine, and soar, through sunshine, smiles, and more! (@tofu_tofu)

Whimsical grasses rhythmically mimic - swooping starlings a glas* highlighter sky. *Welsh for blue

Swaying tendrils invite soft breeze caresses, Bluebells stand in salutations to the sun. (@stephanieapril)

Still the pastimes call to us unbidden, The scoreless game until the night calls a tie,

Just to resume again the next day’s morning, It’s summer, we play until we sigh. (@boblong)

Eternal divine white light brightly illuminates sight Yet I’m slight in the rays of our spited golden days

Fight flight or fright in the plight, lethargic haze Should a “blissful idyll” I write, it might feel not quite right. (@affinity)

The cool and exhilarating thrill of an icy splash That is what summertime is all about

Blast your speakers while bathing in sunlight The beats drumming in the waves of the sea at night

Join us for summertime memories! (@chronoprincess)

The sublime of warmth is overtaken one crisp new dawn Greens become yellow before brown is transformed.

Gusts appear as the temperature drowns The dark comes in early turning smiles into frowns. (@poemsaboutlife)

Frowning for what dusk’s hue conveyed. What’s slowly drifting away.

All that’s left are the reminiscences of summer’s great days. Oh who knows what moments these changing tones will bring?

But take me along when you start rattling with winds. (@nazhaabd)

Classes appear beside newly deadened leaves. Memories of sun-soaked fun float within longing minds,

As moments are stolen by gusts mimicking crafty thieves. Grasp clenched, we perilously clutch those carefree days.

Each pleads, begging for another month of summer’s blaze. (@ivoryannalise)

There’s a shadow wherever there’s a ray. Another thief is stealing from the bay.

Sandman is coming in the shape of autumn To tire our bodies, prepare them for lethargies.

Summertime, sing me your last lullaby Before saying another goodbye. (@livingghost)

As tattered shadows merge to form the night, dreams form in shifting reds and churning browns,

And summer’s song of crickets, laughter, lights, drifts off into the sky’s new silver crown.

As notebook paper mars the highlight-sky and dusk takes over dawn in all its glory,

Remind me in the last remaining rays of summer’s lullaby and bedtime story. (@y)

With bated breaths summer swansong yields a rust-rainbow bouquet. Crisp sunshine saunters to vacation, but the next page won’t be grey.

A cinnamon-carnival invites warm hearts to umbrella boulevard reveries. Old and new, friends flutter back making perpetual postcard memories. (@stadarooni)

I'll remember the days we walk, past glistening lake and fiery lane, floating cottons roam the sky.

Oh, if only we could fly! (@notsugarcoating)

Gold leaves crunch their whispered sighs Fingers curled so soft in mine.

Breath unconscious misted rise Befogs my thoughts, the sweetest wine.

Our spirits soar in sunset glow, Amber, russet magic waits

Beside the gurgling chilly flow Lost in gloaming, spirit sates. (@stevewaldrop)

Multi-coloured leaves creating the perfect ambience, Putting every observer in a calmful trance.

Earthy tones and imperfect shapes satisfying the soul, Embracing this time in all its glory is our single goal. (@miyasmind)

My scarf wraps around me, replacing the warmth you once offered, My breath rises in the crisp morning air and my thoughts of you follow

The breeze seems colder without you by my side Yet the colourful leaves remind me of your soul. (@frankiewrites)

I walked the brisk autumn, my tears tucked away

I could still see you play on a dream mandolin

singing song words that say, in this mandolin world,

you’ll be Twilight Zone twirled long before they begin. (@sonnettree)

When fall comes around The leaves dance And the trees sing

Black and orange get papered about And the children scream and shout Trick or treat! (@thesmartwriter)

As the holiday of horror arrives, I wear a mask. During the party, is talking to you too much to ask?

I skip down memory lane of the summer long ago. In the full moonlight, your hair seems to glow. (@rockyraccoon)

The beckon of light, a halo calling to its angel. Time transcends, falling back into our reality.

The white bodice of lace slips through my grasp, The tremor in my voice a hoarse rasp.

Please, free me of this mask. (@kaylynn)

As the mask and costumes start to fade The leaves and scenery begin to raid

Times are slowly getting colder, season setting in

Just as seasons of life, fall has the win Capture every moment, let the fun begin (@gilbertpacheco)

so here we are amidst the browns and golds walk home with me my dear,

and we’ll see how the story unfolds basking in fresh air with our rosy cheeks,

we’ll sit by the fire, and let the crackling speak (@ofmicenmonsters)

When it sings in its mellow voice, the animals and birds all rejoice.

Its song feels like a beautiful serenade, which breaks apart all the facade.

This autumn becomes the most astounding scene, as it encaptures everyone in its reign! (@aska)

The beauty of autumn has begun, it’s spools of colors being un-spun. It seems like the world is slowly fading.

Days get shorter, thus begins the waiting. Calm beauty finds the ground as leaves turn from orange to brown. (@writercat)

I find myself admiring the spectrum knowing the fleeting nature of these changes. It won’t be much longer now for the hours of day and night to match.

With darkness creeping slowly in like the rising moon tide. (@genevieve)

The darkness is setting in The warmth of the summer has faded much,

Though the colours of the world are still warmer than my heart – My breaths are frigid already,

My eyes are crying icicles. (@badwriter)

Standing barefoot at the glistening bulwark where waves beat, feeling the lifting spray tickling my face

Caught in the half-act of the celestial marionettist wobbling Earth’s axis

A miscegenistic wedding of the warm and gelid Stolidly consummated in the mushrooming overcast (@nasseropolis)

Moonlight washes over this watercolor world Like varnish over one’s masterpiece.

Amidst the cold caress of the autumnal air, my lips shift to a slight smile as the tall trees bend over to season the streets with their gilded secrets. (@merrymuse)

Silver sheen on faintly falling leaves, firework foliage star-spangles on you and me.

Daydreams deepen into dusk, eyes enamor, lips lock, moon muses.

A prisoner of poesy, I lodge you in my lyrics.

Your smile is my summertide, your love an autumnal serenade. (@skye)

(Afterword) Organizing forty parts and creating something concise was challenging, but we all hope, once again, that you all enjoyed our work! Each writer deserves a pat on the back, so check everyone that wrote out!

Take care, Commaful, and thank you all for reading! <3

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