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Answers to questions from @bruvton! Enjoy!

Recreational Revelations

Hey, guys! So, while I've been a bit absent from the site over the last while, @bruvton has put a challenge out to answer a series of questions, and @kaylynn recommended me to take it! :) So, without further ado, let's begin! :D

1) How's life?

I would be lying if I said that staying at home all the time (minus the occasional walk) has been fun. I've been moody and somewhat emotionally stressed but I'm hanging in there and currently doing well. I feel like things might be looking up on a personal level, and this semester has been going well - it's almost done!

Also, I've been staying healthy and safe - I hope that all of you have, too, especially those of you in areas hit hard. Socially distance and be responsible, as we can all get through this! :)

2) Post a selfie. (Here's two! Both are from late 2019.)

3) Write a haiku/tanka.

Teardrops sketch moonrise, laced with fireflies rippling in a heartbreak's breeze.

4) What are your life goals?

While a difficult question to answer, I do have a few goals in mind! In the short-term, I want to graduate from university and then go into a teaching program to teach English and Social Studies at a high school level.

Besides that, I really want to write a novel - I have an idea that's been stuck in my head for the past ten years that has been driving me a bit crazy! I also want to do my best to be the best version of myself possible and improve myself as I go on in life, both for myself and those around me. It's more general but that one holds true until the end!

5) What are your greatest fears?

Letting those around me (especially those close to me) down is one fear that I always have. Loneliness, rejection, failure, self-doubt, and uncertainty are also things that scare me, especially when it comes to the future.

6) What inspired you to join Commaful?

So, back in March 2018, after a massive slump in my life, I decided that I should attempt writing again after a year of not putting my creativity to good use. I have a blog, but I wanted others to see my work and I looked elsewhere - I believe that I found Commaful through a Quora post, actually!

While the wonderful community wasn't something that I came here for, the immediate response to my first post (thank you again, @boblong!) was something that felt incredibly humbling and the very inspiring and motivating people here have always been an amazing reason to smile and always keep my eyes and heart on Commaful.

7) Go to your phone or computer gallery, close your eyes, scroll, and click somewhere random to choose a random picture. Post it.

I closed my eyes and of course it turned out that it was a picture right before something painful... My cat bit me right after I took this picture, as you can maybe tell by both our faces! :D

8) Who on Commaful do you look up to?

There are many people on this site that inspire me on a daily basis and their impact has been more than I would have ever expected. I can think of too many people so I might not give a straight answer to this one, as being selective is hard! <3

9) Answer any question you want, whether you make it up or steal someone else's ideas!

I think I'll steal @kaylynn's idea and ask you guys (although I've done a Q&A in the past): Are there any questions that you have for me? I'll answer them in the comments if you do! :)

10) Draw something or take a cool photo of something and post it.

Sorry for the low-quality picture, but this is the Lion Rock in Piha, New Zealand, from 2014. :)

Bonus (optional): Who else do you challenge to do this?

So, I'm going to challenge @debadityadutta, @sonnettree, and @badwriter! :D (Only do it if you want to, guys!)

I hope that you guys learned a little more about me and thanks again, @bruvton and @kaylynn! This was a lot of fun to make. You all take care and keep writing! <3

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