Perchance to Dream
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A collaboration of forty-six on dreams both dreary and delightful! Enjoy!

Perchance to Dream

(Preface) Over the past four (and a bit) months, myself and a wide array of writers have been hard at work on a dynamic collaboration based on the prompt of 'dreams', both bad and good.

With so many experiences coming together, this collaboration is a smorgasbord of style, a concoction of creativity, and a love letter that has taken on its own life. The diversity of many kinds, that makes Commaful so special, is the heart of this collaboration!

We all hope that you enjoy each and every part in this collaboration and that you gain the same abstract sensations that we had while writing each part. We are pleased with this culimnation of hard work that came together in such a special way! <3 —Alex

The dream ate at your memory and sanity, Lingering in your conscience days after you’d awoken.

Your reality was a blur of wavering monsters, Demons that refused to stay in night’s dreamy vale.

Every time you closed your eyes, their memories seared into you, A night of dastardly offense you couldn’t escape. (@ivoryannalise)

With an ogre of thoughts your battle starts again, In place darker than your thoughts, you crawl

You know you are in the labyrinth of your nightmares, Where the skeletons of your hollow feelings hang,

Each door that begins new line of revulsion, You now are sure that reality is no different. (@salmakhatoon918)

Darkness and hollow rooms everywhere Inevitably you’re trapped with a snare

Cages give off an energy Phobias and nightmares take over your dreams

Lucidly you can’t escape Your screams and shouts just echo away (@___hisham___)

Amid the dreamland turned dark and the slow wavering state in theta,

eyes begin to quiver while the brain methodically processes deep-rooted fears tucked away in cavernous folds of memory.

A harmless misstep from your past suddenly alters to a spine-chilling riddle

where the only exit points to the core of what haunts you most. (@genevieve)

The night is fixated on defeat, the stars stitched to the sky ever mislead,

the darkness dares to sliver you thin, lifeless and almost invisible,

laying in a pit of misery pulling on air drugged with trepidation,

the chest heaves heavily in agony, cries of loss decay into noiseless whimper. (@skye)

Flicker of torch flame Whispers shivers down your spine

Icy fingers scrape Raw furrows in tender nerves Knees weak, collapse in dread.

Soundless screams echo Madly amid ancient rock walls

Dripping with mem’ries Of sins chained in the darkness, Demons feasting on regret. (@stevewaldrop)

a glimmer of hope penetrates through the brick walls of your soul, blinding you of your current state of mind.

a mirage of sorts gestates within your thoughts, stalling the inevitable,

like an illusion of an oasis within the endless desert of your victims. (@weeklybrent)

The illusion of hope is crushed by a pressing realisation. You awake, heart rate fast, with a realization.

You don’t quite know just how you feel. What is your world? Is anything real?

You’re caught in a game, and you can’t win. This is where the nightmare really begins. (@bruvton)

Because every white space is just another fantasy. Painted rainbows fall in misery.

Every scream, is added to themes. Every level is a mystery.

You try to run but the floors are friction free. And the wish to be awoken a deja vu on repeat. (@nazhaabd)

Witch's hour jolts your soul up awake But drags you down again;

With its bloodied nails it scratches at your eyes You scream and you squirm, But its hold is firm,

Doesn't let you escape so easily— It muffles your shrieks and bounds you in yourself

There is no escape even when eyes open to the dawn Sometimes. (@badwriter)

Some nights, most nights, You leave on the lights. You stay awake as long as you can manage.

The longer you're awake, the longer it'll take For the dreams to take you. You're desperate to postpone the damage.

You can lie awake until the break of day; The nightmares aren't going away. (@vignette)

Soon enough, you’ll let your guard down. It’s too late: claws ripping deep into your flesh

Cruel onlookers singing as you’re torn apart limb from limb Suddenly, you break free and sprint toward the mirror

Splashing your face with cold water, you look up in horror— the sunken eyes of the face staring back unrecognizable. (@mjkemp91)

Though unrecognizable, you see the truth. The fear of darkness, the cries of your youth.

The mirror shatters, shards of glass pierce your skin. You worry that the nightmares are going to win.

You crumble to your knees, blood drips from your face. You whisper in the dark that you just want to awake. (@dirtiebitz)

To wake, be awake, is all that you need To leave this nightmare is what you plead indeed

But what does it really mean to be free? Something aside from what you see (@charliesheldon)

Amidst terror's throws, pining reality, comes short-lived calm—

memories of the world beyond: morning sun sweeping scarlet hills of poppies

Yet, in shadows of sleep waking beauty walks in decaying stride with mirrored mockeries, gore speckling these hills like dew

Unveiling a truth no less cruel awake— this nightmare holds reality in bondage (@emery_iller)

From the tight shackles that you've always tried to break, symphonies of desperate rattles echo throughout your chamber of torture, your mind.

The sound is maddening, the blood splattering across each wall,

your spirit wavering, nothing can break your fall from sanity. (@blastimus)

The endless spiral from inhumanity, Has you falling to your knees in agony.

The arms who have carried so many, Are pinned back by the insufferable fallacy That you can control your own mortality.

You try for a steadying breath, Hoping that this is not your death. (@kaylynn)

The agony and pain are like poison in your veins.

Tongue demonised by the flaxen eyed monster that rules your mind.

The aftertastes of venom ensue as bones deteriorate with a single touch and fear of death seeps through the cracks of your soul.

A hollow carapace desires cessation of suffering or oneself. (@dogslinwriter1)

Tootsie on my event horizon, Let the keening wail of stellar wind fill your sail, be your one liaison with all realms I upend

So quiet, heart, your frenzied flutter Come leeward, to fizzle out of this world

No friend, no love, not the flimsiest succor Shall have to answer or suffer you no more (@nasseropolis)

But touch the wind, the weeping wind, My heart, can you not feel The beating wings, the soaring skies, Your throbbing, crumpled need?

Flee this poisoned nest of hate, The fingertips of death!

You’ve never flown beyond the blue To see what waits for you. (@tofu_tofu)

Caress the fingertips of death Depart the torture of its lair Float towards the brightest light

Look back not at the darkest despair Eden you have in your midst Traverse the void into its bosom

Find your peace that you yearn for It awaits your arrival with open arms Come forth into its glory (@poemsaboutlife)

You worshipped the sorrow, in its bed, diligently, you left your happiness in frost;

listen, your dream catcher awaits arrival, to absorb all your nightly ephialtes.

It's time, to soak in celestial visions, and sing your verses, to the audience of leaves. (@soothrain)

Sing your glorious words at the top of your lungs Let the power embellish the somber treetops

Feel how the maddening angst leaves as sanity comes For you've prayed for the day this nightmare finally stops

Beg for redemption as you speak in tongues Watch as the frosty obscurity slowly alters to timid drops (@miyasmind)

Through the leaves there's something more, A light you can't quite touch,

Fight through the angst that riddles with the trees, For if you wish to live, Do not drink the timid drops of poison that will drag you back in, Instead pour your own cup,

Of liquid strength in order to see past your surrounding darkness, And find the hope of the sky. (@hannaharnett)

For in the sky lie planets and stars, A trail hidden in constellations.

This trail will help you escape your fears, Though some paths beckon you to the darkness. Eventually, your fear will die along with the urge to flee.

Though the grip of obscurity claws at your mind, Pursue the stars and find light. (@writercat)

Light and love latch and long beneath your war within; two stars not scars in the blue bazaar that seems to be so far.

Soak in starlight that writes your flight like fireworks alight; colour abloom, as summer looms, your path is in perfume. This canvas of sunshine is yours. (@stadarooni)

The canvas of sunshine finally at reach, all hard work in vain no more Take the paintbrush of blissful memories, color the darkness away;

After the storm comes a rainbow abloom You can now dance in the puddles that had once flooded your mind.

Set sail and be free, The harsh waves of your nightmares are finally gone. (@routheboat)

With each breath, cultivate and flower, Leave buds in your steps.

Your promise of mortality, It’s painted in the colours of your survival; Now spread this ardour, Let not dark nor man dampen your zeal.

Stumble through the roots of fears, Own them, your bitter possessions That shall fall, flitting petals Upon the morning’s breeze. (@in)

Lush grasses waving, you walk toward the meadows, As you let your mind come out of the shadows,

Each step becomes lighter, colors taking a warmer hue, Each breath sweeter, after the nightmare you’ve been through,

The clouds of misery have long dispersed, freedom is yours, Breathe it in and forgive yourself of all your sins. (@angrygirl87)

Put your burdens on the ground, And leave the place unbound.

Look above the blue sky, And see how high you can fly. Gaze upon the clear clouds, And ask what are their thoughts.

The sun is smiling towards you, Knowing that you will break through. (@dawnvalley)

As cynicism loses value, An attitude of gratitude raises you above And allows you to live it up.

Shadow, gloom, and blight No longer trigger fight of flight.

Your life is about to be paid commission, Let's make sure; it gets its recognition. (@rosarlei)

The warm feeling washes over you As your ship sails the white clouds above Swaying gently back and forth

Your mind wanders to a paradise of love With toes curling under soft duvets And the morning light anew

Your ship continues its journey upon white Using your heartbeat as its cue (@frankiewrites)

In love and in dreams Your senses soar Feeling love And so much more

Music that plays In a heartbeat rhythm Seeps into your soul

Alight like a prism Soothing as silk That voice calls out

Quenching you Like water in a drought (@iowamamaof3)

Filled with the melody of tranquility, Piece by piece, an image appears in your mind

A smile heralding inner fragility Shadows are never really left behind. Yet, whimsical chimes follow your every step.

Strolling on the softest clouds cannot compare To the sweet embrace of winds brushing your hair. A soul’s brilliance overcomes obscured missteps. (@emina)

As you soar the Dreamland skies, It becomes the reflection of your Unquestionable love.

It’s no pill, it lacks the quality of dissolving. The blood, dripping from your heart, Is the gasoline, everlastingly feeding the flames, Like a famished pack of wolves.

The ashes left will be soil to grow your Indigo garden in. (@sugar_cupcake)

There will be flowers, there will be dreams, There will be love, there will be joyous screams,

As you a stem and me a leaf, We will grow to new heights, through both joy and grief,

Our love will be our honest, Perching atop dreams topmost crest. (@debadityadutta)

What feeling is this? The one where you and I are forever free?

Laughing while running through lush fields In sweetwater oceans we slowly fall asleep And we hold hands while stargazing

And oh, let us make a wish To never wake from this ethereal dream

Enamored and sweet How lovely this feeling is (@chronoprincess)

You’re lost in ruffled sunshine Or is it cotton candy stars?

The haze of day —or night— seems To never run too far.

The sweet and delicate daydream Envelops all your sight

While nighttime looms and new hopes bloom Into a new found light. (@berry_rose)

Fountains and marble statues, You’re in a paradise. It feels surreal and new, But it also feels quite nice.

Singing, dancing, jumping, Around the towering trees.

Not a care in the world; Finally set free. (@hanniecakes)

This world of ours, a lucid fantasy Directed by subconscious creativity.

Oh, how far the map stretches When the fear of consequences Evanesces into wind beneath new wings

And the walking willow tree sings A gentle lullaby to dreamers drifting in dreams. (@usagi)

You may untangle frozen vertebrae In gashing lips of fresh spilled dew For demons you've tamed Owning Doomsday;

Arms, which once glazed maroon This dawn flicker away decay, Smoldering thunders Down blood carved runes

In ivory glory marble slits sipping Insipid spirits of splurging wounds. (@friedchicken)

And now this This sense of peace Pieced together By battles fought through the labyrinth Of spiraling thought

You against You Within the darkest corners And splintered crack Still you endured Every kind of attack

Your scars Are stars That constellate Your skin

Showing the proof Of your unshakable win (@tayawayy)

Plunged in stillness The sea tells her boundless stories The moon whispers her infinite poetry

You dream and you form your own religion You dream and you shape your own heaven The night's river is streaming

You dream like a glowworm that has its own lantern Lighting your own earth And feel the long-wished-for joy (@snowflakepixie)

Morning light slowly makes its way in Gently erasing the night’s sins

Leaving a cluster of feelings A rush of emotion keeping you tucked in Eyes still flickering

Oh, what a journey it’s been Mind memorizing all the good dreams

The movements and voices are still roaring This is not the ending (@sarahemma)

This is, the voices sing, This is one word in one part of your story It’s full, the tune with its golden melody

sunbeams of memories of what they sing, dear Dreamer, would you respond? (@y)

The sunlight kisses you awake, and pulls you gently away from the ether.

Closed eyes soon start to flutter and you catch your breath once more.

Flooded with memories of frozen time spent along the shores of suspended reality,

you rise to find yourself in the land of light where you shine brightest of all. (@merrymuse)

(Afterword) As the longest collaboration that we have done—from the standpoint of both length and the number of parts—we hope that you all enjoyed the final piece and all of its pizzazz! Make sure that you check out every writer on this collaboration, as there is so much talent on Commaful!

You all take care and continue to write out your hearts, your desires, and your brilliance. Thank you all for reading, but the biggest thank you goes to all of the amazing people involved in this project and @y for assisting me in putting this all together! <3

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