Our Melody!
Our Melody! trumpet stories

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Melodic music musters!

Our Melody!

Concert band swells up. Tension, ambition in air. Hearts ready to live!

Triumphant trumpet! Brassy booming of bright pride Gold symphonic glow!

Fly, fluttering flute! Butterflies whistle in wind Silver trill whispers!

Turbulent trombone! Supreme star sings staccato Brass rolls out carpet!

Veiling violin! Eloquent treble tonal Sigh swaying in dance!

Crystal clarinet! Reedy and rich notetaking Ebony mellow!

Snazzy saxophone! Jazzy jukebox jogs jingles Bebop bops boastful!

Powered percussion! Wooden xylophone bubbling, Sizzling symbols hissing, Thunderous timpani howls, Beating of the heart!

Conductor parents! Hands swell, woodwind children chirp, Brassy children chant, String children chaff!

Singing family, My music heart is your heart, Melody we play!

(Aside) Okay, this piece was a lot of fun to writeand if you're wondering why certain intruments (guitar or piano) were excluded, it's because they aren't in a concert band. I did almost forget to add sax, though!

I'm still attempting to start the next AI piece but I keep getting ideas for other things to write. :) I also played in concert band from Grades 6-12 and in a marching band for two years. Music is a lot of fun! Play some!

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