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Just a quick, fun piece with zero creative writing. Enjoy!


So, this is something that I have wanted to do for a few weeks, but finally decided to do it now! As some of you have probably seen, @PoemsAboutMe made a piece, a few weeks ago, with pictures of herself when she was younger. I wanted to do the same, so here we are! :)

I am not as witty or clever as her (at least not in the same ways), so I won't be captioning any of these pictures with comments that are too elaborate. I will go over the year the picture was taken and what I was doing, if I have any idea. :D

I decided to omit any pictures of my family members out of respect. I hope you all enjoy this. I appreciate all of your support over the past six (wow!) months and I feel very comfortable about doing something like this.

Also, sorry there are no baby pictures! I couldn't find any pictures taken prior to 2001. For reference, I was born in early 1999.

I also made sure to include some 'funnier' ones in here, too. Enjoy!

2001. Halloween!

2001. I must have been pretty clumsy because I don't think the computer is even on. :) I used to enjoy playing computer games a lot, though.

2001. I am not sure what was happening here.

2001. I think I really liked Toy Story as a smaller child, as I had baby-blue wallpaper in my room and Toy Story stickers around it. But that probably has nothing to do with this. :)

2001. I am not sure where we stayed, but I just like this picture! :D

2001. I can guarantee that I was a good kid. Or maybe I was just turning the lights off for someone.

2001. I never remember owning this telescope -- and I am unsure if I had an interest in astronomy back then -- but I have LOVED space from a younger age. My grandfather (or nana, in Hindi) loved it too! :)

2002. No comment here. :)

2002. Halloween. Um. Yeah.

2003. I really like my eyelashes in this one! :) And beaches are cool, too.

2003. This is a ride at Playland (lack of creativity there, haha), which is our local theme park. I was probably a better driver then than now, though. :)

2004. This was one of my favourite parks to go to in my childhood. I liked running around the playground a lot! :D

2005. The Army hat is not mine, but my dad's. And I already made a comment on beaches, I am shore. :D

2017. Just so you know what I look like now, in comparison! :D Also, so you know that pictures of me are still awful. :)

Also, my profile picture is what I look like now. I hope you enjoyed this smaller look at some memories that I don't remember all that well. That wasn't a joke, by the way... I had to convince myself that I was looking at pictures of me. :)

I might share some other pictures, too, of things such as my travels in more of an autobiographical style. I am almost certain that all of these pictures were taken where I live, in British Columbia, but I traveled a decent amount in my childhood, too.

I hope you enjoyed this piece. Nothing too much, but I do have another piece in the pipeline for the next few days. You all take care, and keep on writing whatever your passion takes you to! <3

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