Ink, Tears, and Honey
Ink, Tears, and Honey love stories

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A collaboration of fifty-six on lingering, longing love! Enjoy!

Ink, Tears, and Honey

(Preface) Over the past five months, myself and fifty-five other writers have been working hard on a heartfelt collaboration based on 'love' as a prompt—from intimacy, to friendship, to family, to unconditional love.

With four different looks at love, this collaboration felt like a journey of dozens of minds, mixing to create a concoction of incredible style and variety with a life of its own. The skill and diversity of so many writers, new and old on the site, is something that makes this collaboration and Commaful very special!

We all hope that you enjoy the unique efforts of each writer in this collaboration and how all their parts coalesce into an array of abstraction and brilliance. We are all proud of our work and how it all culminated in this splendid, special way! <3 —Alex

i thrive in restriction in a subtleness that only the wind knows on a warm summer night.

in the gentleness of fingertips along skin that welcomes their touch.

in the feeling of content with just being able to tread her soul and nothing more. (@weeklybrent)

Even the clouds put a veil over the moon’s bright eyes as she finds herself unrobed.

No stars shine as bright as her alabaster skin that seems to glow with every touch.

Gentle, at first. But time soon makes her tender and raw, all at once, like flames dancing on the hearth. (@merrymuse)

She’s falling for the heat, Learning to love how The flecks of fire bounce off of her skin.

She’s lighting up the sky in a glorious conflagration, Yet her fingertips remain tender and soft. Her embrace is therapeutic yet searing; Skin touching skin.

This connection is blistering, And it seems her fire cannot be quenched. (@writercat)

With the heat came the light, Enough light to see by Both of us were looking for something

Long hidden Neither one of us could identify, And as the heat kept on building, blistering, Burning out the dark,

Each of us could see signals - Faint flashes - Of a familiar heart. (@vignette)

A bond of light Finger strong Yet soft as the touch of skin A silken thread Forged in the heat of breath

Milk fire Burning souls White hot Cool as midnight Blue calm Smoky and intense Joining hearts and minds

Passion-bird flying free at last Liquid sunrise A burning arrow Of Dragon flame Between us (@bettyv)

My callused fingers adore They trace her still warm figure Run my hands through tangled hair, Perfectly designed

She looks at me Soft eyes glittering, squinting in glee Our heated bodies together Serene

She rolls over, sunlight hits her tangled hair, Every scar, curve, bump on her uneven skin So wholesome, so familiar, and mine (@bvmbi)

Her visage an art piece That struck the lonesome eye, Her soul then lured a second glance.

Unveiling all her details and Those masterful techniques And endless meaning in her imperfection. (@emery_iller)

She stares. Through the window. And upwards to the moon. So she cannot see.

I am beaming even brighter. Than our lunary witness. I know imperfection. I am imperfection. But not tonight.

Tonight we are perfect. Together. Perfect in our collective. Imperfections. On this perfect night. (@s0me0ne)

This night of loving, Of touching, of being. The closeness, the heat, Of soul touching soul.

Nighttime is the right time For perfection to meet its match. Lovers seek the light That luminates from her eyes.

The moon shines down Jealous of the creation. The creation of perfection personified. (@iowamamaof3)

I know that dawn shall come soon, And the moon will hide away,

As Luna`s lover comes to greet us, For once more, Another day.

The moon is jealous of the flames that reside, In mere earthly creatures, And she will not hesitate to part when dawn breaks. (@scpoetry)

A parting that brings great sorrow to her heart But her lustful eyes wait for my return To scar my flesh and brand me hers

A mark to scream to all others My flesh is for hers to take To devour and relish

Satisfy her primitive desires There can be nothing more intimate (@poemsaboutlife)

So as the dawn breaks Love’s lust is left under night’s mantle Memories physically represented

And abstractly thought of in a swirl of intimacy The whisper of kisses dry on her as a shield When she steps into a new day (@charliesheldon)

Memory of her kiss still bright Not fading from the dark of night, But comrade calls to take up arms And leave behind such softer charms.

Side by side we face the world Ere into the battle hurled. Friendship ties as close as blood, Comrades join a mighty flood. (@stevewaldrop)

Our fight is on until the dawn. With the first strike of light, We see our battle won.

We cry in each other's arms, Which makes our friendship grow warm. (@lisha)

Sunshine headlines our days—like the afterglow of wine— flowing down our hearts to bloom rainbows.

They whisper the polaroid blur of your voice into glimmering years of hope as I continue to sing: I’ll be here, you’ll be here. (@stadarooni)

And we breathe in and out again. When we’re together there’s no expectation, desireless love makes us count on each other

—warm hearts surrounded by air cold as ice, pounding a synchronous beat —unconditionally. (@one_heartbeat)

A synchronous heartbeat beats together forever, Launching our journeys together in life’s everflowing river, Painting each other’s lives blue yellow and green,

When trouble hits… We all are nowhere to be seen, Having each other’s back, Trouble is often light as a feather in a sack… (@debadityadutta)

Strong palms a score multiplied and fingers cold and alone mingle together Fluid—

Effervescence oozes from our throats as we sing our song of love and blossoms, Of meadows and ruins, Which our ardour can liven up (@badwriter)

and when the pastel skies paint themselves again, our little talks turns to heart wrenching truths no fear in reopening old wounds

hand in hand, we’ll push on through we’ll raise our glasses, and toast to our youth for our forgotten brothers, for those that left too soon (@ofmicenmonsters)

And after storms of fights and mourning, Comes the petrichor I've been yearning. Precious friendship through and through.

Lustless love, wholesome and true. Wounds reopened sealed with care, When help is needed, friends are there. (@bruvton)

Here, the drops consolidate, reflect despite the patchy-shadows in the day.

A light, this light we've built in prisms, held in hands, to take in all— the years, the song (the darkness), say: The all in all of you. (@y)

From my kin I’m never severing The aura of friendship is like a guiding light That makes even the darkest night One with optimism and hope in sight

As, I reflect upon the days of darkness In the shadows of my brethren. The storm seems less berating. As they hold my unsteady hand that’s shaking. (@jbo)

You are the one who taught me How to look past the debris To save my hope from being lost Refusing for it to tossed

And you held me up high So I wouldn't say goodbye For your friendship saves me from the war For your love was galore (@mockingjay)

This chapter is a blip in time Your amity in mine is not From misery where we met Crying whispers ‘neath the stars

Memories held within our palms Scars ingrained with reverie Through the aching hollow weeks

Dragging tears and empty screams We’re limping past the battlefield Towards the day we might be free (@kaceymackwriter)

Vivid blues and whites paint the sky Still the memories leave eyes undried But the sounds of war are nothing Compared to laughter and song

Blood spilled, blood of your own A tiny hand shyly sneaks its way into yours

You hold tightly like never before So small, and yet, The strongest love you ever felt (@emina)

You guide ever so gently, Wanting to shield and protect From the diseased and inept.

But the young fingers hold reassuringly, Letting you know of their strength and maturity. (@kaylynn)

You nourish and feed Warm up the freeze Keep away the foul diabolical

Release dopamine Allow us to play in puddles of serotonin everyday (@sassmyass1)

Working since birth You beamed with pride I was your work of art

You painted me with your own colours While I added my own crayons too A piece of art unlike another

You sacrificed your own happiness for my colours of yellow Although it left you grey You wouldn’t have it any other way (@frankiewrites)

And years have come and gone, Since you set me afloat My hands now grown steady on the helm, yet—

I still find myself searching the night sky for your guiding light Your strength an anchor To weather any storm. (@robotic_nebula)

After every mistake, A candle lit out of forgiveness.

When the world turned darker, And I didn't measure up. You painted me in sparkles And told me I am enough. (@dogslinwriter)

My need for your love will never lessen, No matter how far I go in life.

I will always look back and smile, For my roots are strong, their pull unrelenting.

Life may play tricks as I go further, But your hold on my heart persists. (@angrygirl87)

a bond… broken, gold or molded, will always be there, even when it’s hated.

through aching smiles and raging faces. love, is something, to never be jaded. (@lethious)

A strong emotion Full of comfort and life; Something so delicate yet always secure, Never faltering.

Even as I reach for your hand With disappointment. The love never leaves your eyes. (@amymarvel9)

this world tugs and tears. folds unruly edges and oh my, how it stings. but there's a softening, there, in your eyes and i call it home.

i snap each star to find you lingering in the space between because in this story,

you are the end and the Beginning. the whole thing. (@in)

It seems you mean the Ouroboros a beast, a symbol a shield and reminder that things take time to reveal;

and those who cause you pain, are trying to teach you how not to choke while eating your own tail. (@rosarlei)

As the generations come and go always plant new seeds to grow.

I know the blights on the family tree can make progress hard to see, but you need not bloom where you fall.

And if you hear the call to leave and travel far, I will wish upon you, my shooting star. (@usagi)

I watch you, a city boy staring at a starry night, Full of wonder, of existential forevers and beginnings. Undeniably, you are my galaxy.

With a glance, our gravities collide. Flames simmer into charcoal, Connecting the stars of our galaxy in eternal poems.

Love stories left unwritten, Because we know, unconditionally is the universe. Neverending. (@ivoryannalise)

my love for you isn't just for that pretty face my love isn't for your body with passion which I embrace

my love is for the heart inside your rib cage I love the beautiful soul you carry with such elegance and taste (@missmystry)

It's your tasteful presence that I adore When we're together I want nothing more I only wish for your sweet company

The two of us together We're like honey and tea Inseparable even in the worst moments

You and I we're one even when it's tough We're us till the end (@hannaharnett)

I don't want to name stars They will outnumber my feelings The innocence of morning dew Can try to encapsulate my love for you

If I unleash the ocean of emotions The sky will be drowned

Let this earth be my book For sure I will run out of space While summoning you in words (@salmakhatoon918)

Our souls created a galaxy of love A place where two lives blend A connection with an invisible thread I am his, he is mine

There is no time No death Just us, just love (@winterheart)

A connection destined to reach past the deepest trenches, And the furthest stars in the universe.

A soul link that ties us forever in union; And if we should ever find ourselves apart, We will unearth all the ways possible to be together again. (@genevieve)

My connection for you is automatic I don’t have to unearth you to see your pure beauty

Your unique colors spilling on your canvas Hastens me to love you even more

Embracing every crack and crevice of your being My love clasping to your crooked smiles of life (@kzachar1)

I try to keep the track of time, Lost in the memories of your devious smiles, Just don’t go out of my reach.

I’ll be there to pick up your tears, And place them caring under my heart,

Cause you know, the words ‘I love you’ Sound so empty, if they aren’t meant for you. (@rei_st)

What we have Is sealed for eternity. Tracing the beauty, Embracing the pain; We go on a journey To love,

And endure Every crack of you, Of me, Of us. (@ryaaa3)

Set my alarm for an aeon from now. Your heartbeats will gradually turn whiter

yet if they will have me, then lead me, punctuate me, speak to me in words as I reap rhythm from your chest

cradled by you and by halos all the days of my life. (@sonnettree)

With every beat that illuminates my sky, I will run, with every breath I have,

With every ounce of my being, To know that your rhythm is still constant; To know that you are still present.

I’m running to preserve you, From this world that has muted me. I listen for your rhythm desperately. (@philmichaelwebs)

And for your love, our love, I’ll wait endlessly. A moment, so bright and full of wonder, A love so light and warm like summer.

As if imagination has taken hold and we felt our first kiss, a kiss of the soul, a moment felt and cherished,

Yet never missed. If the love is so eternal. (@qimagine)

Our love is undying And the earth trembles, As our souls collide against one another,

Our pull towards one another defies gravity, And the earth surrenders in spite of its vanity. (@mjpaul)

I stood there like a moonflower, agape, Drawn to all your umbras and drawbacks,

I’ll let my sweet nectar fill your cracks ‘Cause you gave shimmer to my withering diadem, And cared for me down to my wilted garment's hem

And though the sky impresses a lighter hue In you alone I'll be struck with awe. (@pistachio)

No matter the time A day away or a hundred summer nights

The creation of a universe created by you and I Where its legacy to withstand it all makes eternity tremble in fright

For with you I could endlessly create a thousand worlds to write Our love story the greatest of all time (@chronoprincess)

A singularity where feelings multiply Our very own existence, amplify Love, live for the cheer it brings,

We are the only true queens and kings, Free from competition and malicious stings.

Feel the fire of your heart burn brighter when fuelled by mine, And understand that our love makes life sublime. (@blastimus)

That nothing can break our bind. Not even the greatest storm would suffice. We are only broken when destiny decides.

But what you mean to me, will never be confined. I shall sail the night, to be there by your side. For you a million miles, I simply cannot deny. (@nazhaabd)

A million miles I'm in exile Away from your indefinable charm The night is long The sun does not have slightest desire to rise

Oh I shall weep rains I shall shape rivers With my tears I shall make a boat I shall find an oar And scull away

I shall find you I shall wake the sun I shall wake you up (@snowflakepixie)

Wake you up from unalterable fragilities, doubting your arresting metaphors.

I'll light the beacon of your dull desires caching galaxies of a universe untrodden.

Don't you see, the sunset melts to solidify our braided ridges of hands, the same of which, hide you in this ink for you are too afraid to see your beauty. (@soothrain)

So close your eyes, feel a beauty like no other. A word that stands alone on Cupid’s arrow.

The blissful pain where distance is measured by the ache of unwavering desire.

Because to love you is to bath in liquid skies, to venture in reverie and to become lost in a place I never want to leave. (@duskthoughts)

(Afterword) As the longest collaboration that we have done—in terms of length, the number of parts and participants, and the amount of time to complete our work—we hope that you all enjoyed the final product and all it has to offer in terms of its syngergy and teamwork!

I would like to tell you that this fifth collaboration will be my last one for a while. I want to personally thank all of you that participated in this one and all the previous ones, as without you all, none of this would have been possible. I would also like to thank @y and @kaylynn for assisting me in putting this project together!

You all take care, and continue to be brilliant! I have seen what many of you are all capable of with words that go beyond our dreams and imaginations, so keep exploring all that you have to offer to the world. <3

As the world twirls in poesy, and misty clouds swirl to reveal the star-twinkle of my caged heartbeats—

silenced dreams begin to hum words strung in prized pastels.

Each color graded in infinite notes tiptoes between the crinkles of forgotten love letters, and weave

a million stories written in ink, tears, and honey.

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