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The impossible harbour of reality that only exists in imagination.


Trumpets flourish our hopes and dreams; the teardrops of fallen angels flow river streams.

The strewn seeds of the past glitter of reclamation, the future may gleam riches and save our narration.

Future slices through the air as the horizon bows upwards; silenced songs may yet awaken of beaming bluebirds.

The dazzling desert may dust off the sheets of its oasis; our walk in the woods may root memories back to their basis.

The hazel harbinger of our starry eyes approach the bounds of infinity; yet a flood of secrets dithers and dances with an unbroken divinity.

The next chapter must always begin where one ends, as the spark between us may be what transcends.

This glittering band of stars tenders the luminous sky,

yet there is so much more beyond and within.

We sought its sunshine embrace of a thousand summer mornings,

and we have finally found


Aside: I felt very inspired to write this piece after feeling pretty happy over the past few days! The weather here isn't the greatest, but I had to write something like this to give a little extra cheer. :)

Originally, I was going to write the geekiest piece imaginable, based purely on the Halo franchise and the trailer of the latest game, but I decided to write something a little more broad and applicable to the real world.

I don't know if any of you are Halo fans, but there are some smaller 'easter eggs' here and there... Ignoring that, I hope you enjoyed this one! :)

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