Constellations Buried in Skin (Part 2)
Constellations Buried in Skin (Part 2) collab stories

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The second part of a collaboration of fifty-eight on creative connections between the wondrous worlds and ourselves! Enjoy!

Constellations Buried in Skin (Part 2)

(Preface) As this is the latter part of the collaboration, I will keep this preface brief so you can delve into its words sooner. To reiterate, however, the theme is 'connections' and this part features the remaining thirty-two parts that the first part did not feature.

If you did not see the first part of the collaboration, check the comments, description, and my profile to read it! We hope that you all enjoy the connections that each writer interweaves with poesy in these parts! —Alex

To me sacrifice has never been for me It has been for my world And my world is thee

For when you susurrated your love Your eternal bond to our cause I knew you need say no more

Our life journey had begun Holding hands A love beyond time and space

Together we will walk heaven and hell Forever Our smiles oblivious even to Death (@chronoprincess)

i will steal stars from night's garden and shoot them in your sky, so I can see you smile,

the heaven or the hell, the life or the death I am not afraid, nor I care, as long as you are by my side,

I don't wish to be heer or laila my dear, only an ordinary girl writing you in her poems. (@kira)

Since this love is everlasting and as delicate as drops of rain. It will shower into infinity to alleviate a headache or pain. Since your love is the one that keeps me in the safety of heartwarming praise.

For a humble feeling to find you and with honesty, the love will raise. It will lift and keep safe, all of what life’s to be made. (@qimagine)

We share a bond of glass Spider web thin Infinitely strong and Invisible

Coiled around our hearts and minds An infinite connection

A butterfly wing Of unbreakable fragility (@bettyv)

And I hope this connection forever lasts, through thick and what is thin,

I hope to share my life with you, burden you with my deeds and share my sin,

if home was a person where comfort lasts, then I claim my home is you,

and the connection that leaves have with fall, is a connection I want with you (@fmeeraj123)

Neither time nor distance signify, Nor cold space ‘twixt the glittering stars.

Tight bound together with cords that testify To whispered oaths in dusty memoirs.

Strangers meet by chance, make ourselves kin, Pledging hearts and endless loyalty.

Forever side by side through thick and thin, With strength to offer aid in frailty. (@stevewaldrop)

And strangers we were, met by chance, destiny must've giggled, as we tried evading.

But as the wheel of time turned we unearthed love, now in you lies my soul, forever unfading.

A soft breeze you're, fragrant with ardour my starless night shines bright with you,

my tormented soul sighs with amnesty my caliginous sky now forever blue… (@midnightwords)

You are my reality, my guiding light, My worldly anchor to life,

The stars never dim when I’m with you, Twinkling brightly in the heavens, Shining down on us, on you,

Showing that even in the dark, You are my light. (@amymarvel9)

You're my burning ember in the midst of chaos A hazy sanctuary granted by the almighty sentiment

Always followed by words as light as a plumage of daft My kindling of mere affection gathered by a warmth as bright as day

Words lack in my vision, but this is all I can say… Merci... before my glimpse is absent permanently in the future of today (@myhiraeth)

You are someone whose voice sounds like Moonlight personified,

like honey in sunlight, like northern lights in your eyes,

like ocean tides, you sound like a dream, like starry nights,

like multitudes of the hues I am in love with, like exquisite art... what a privilege to hear it in this lifetime. (@aenabanerjee)

Your echoes are so sound, Inhibiting my mind from burning up beneath the sunlight,

I absorb your remains as I await the moonrise, To bathe in moonlight and cleanse myself till dawn arrives,

The moon travels beyond the northern lights, Signaling a message that you left me for a lifetime. (@sassmyass1)

So don't leave me behind, I will be lost without my guiding light,

So don't make me wander in the dark by myself, I will trip and stumble over the many rocks in my path,

And while I might find someone new that will glow like the sun, I also might find someone that will trap and suck me dry like a spider. (@rebeccapatton)

Though, I shall not assume, but question The motives of who wanders my surroundings!

Like the spider spinning its web on my window frame, A pattern formed by a constellation of lines Resembling those in my palms; Which shall pave the way to Something tangible.

Having me ponder Whether I don't have to seek In the skies above and beyond, Or pursue faraway dimensions…

What if, what I seek, is already within myself? A connection yet to be spun, Like a spiderweb? (@miyasmind)

Raw and pure waiting for life Hiding inside from poisonous air

The skin wrinkles around the edge But youth does not end with age

Peel off those barriers made I pray this feat not blind me now

A caterpillar into a butterfly I hope to see my soul a merry bairn (@koyylovesbooks)

Scrapbook unfolding in my mind, Childhood memories like rivers flood, Changes make me one not the same, Caterpillar to butterfly, But same being it was,

Invisible silk Connecting memories to heart, Flashes like lightning in my brain,

Realization hits As the clock ticks backwards, Into the faraway past, Everlasting youth Learning from experience, Enhancing the future

Connections spun With silky web, Hidden by cocoon. (@brilindcommaacc)

I excavate every line engraved upon my face, like a web of the past—

proof of my evolution connecting me to all of my selves. I claim the title self-anthropologist.

The most important memories are cut the deepest into me like canyons of revelry eroded into existence by moments of emotions

I remember well when I tug on heart strings strung upon my flesh. (@usagi)

the strings tie me to every version of myself, every version created through infinite perspectives of my own identity.

i create a web amidst variations of me that are anything but mine.

still, i find a home in the weaving.

i chose to live in the overlap of infinity, in an expanse of who i am and who i am seen as. (@weeklybrent)

But the web does not last long When I find myself entrapped In a place I can no longer belong.

Though I am willing to live in what I map. However I simply want to free myself from being dragged along With the haunting memories of my mysterious past.

As I fear the strings they leave behind Scatters when tied to my dreadful heart. (@lisha)

My little psyche tries to tie back The string memories fallen Like useless snakes slithering across the ground

Fingers trembling from evocative memories That resonate through my body

I attempt to resurface Under the haze of noisy echoes What connected my mind

In hopes that it, my body, and heart Will link as my hands Intertwine. (@lilimurato)

Eyes forlorn, I watch memories slither away... Like an untied braid falling apart, heart body soul disintegrating into nothingness!

For memories shape us into us, while breaking us apart; It is a tie that binds the colors of soul, yet untie our heart.

Mind struggles to remember my essence, yet body shakes in remembrance; Serenity found by serendipity floats away with evanescent memory! (@jinxedquill)

Losing my momentum As I walk on a thin air Hands reaching out to hold Hold something that could give hope

All I could try is to breathe this moment To try to live this moment Wanting to be free from confusion Mind in fusion

Reluctant to let go As the air pushes me back To where it all started. (@basharasweet)

My eyes open to a time concealed by the web of memories, a thread mold, which shapes me today.

Yesteryears reveal a self I can never return to.

For my euphoric naivety and childish delusions lead way to a story I never intended to pen.

The breeze hugs me gently, deceptively, with dancing leaves

to show me a trail of desired reward, of destined beginnings. (@emina)

the first zephyr i remember— a bud i was unknown to the world yonder

rainbows and chocolates; my gaiety.

so much changed, but when i look up at the infinite sky, im still the girl i was.

still the rose who found her smile to rainbows and chocolates (@ryaaa3)

Inside my heart somehow lie bittersweet memories. Memories of past have been hidden inside.

Reside in me wreckages and treasuries. Treasuries push me to breathe wherever I reside.

Nights were too dark yet are brighter these days. Days of hope I’m creating to expel moonless nights.

Lights of hell burnt me down in soul ashtrays. Ashtrays no more needed now that I see heaven lights. (@enchantedink)

these heaven lights, what once was a blurry vision, now dance in the moonglow.

i float in the midnight sky still searching for a place to call home and for a moment, my soul sighs

the wreckage in my ribcage no longer a dead weight.

with my eyes closed, i whisper a silent prayer, to anyone who might listen, “may these bittersweet memories not outlast me” (@salutexvita)

Because now—at the cusp of something new, How terrifying to leave familiar sights, How tempting to melt back into the night.

But how strong the need to outrun the dark, follow the rising sun, Shed the past like an old skin—

Oh, may these bittersweet memories not outlast me: There is so much more to me that I have yet to see. (@robotic_nebula)

The shadowy blanket of pitiful nightfall lies beneath my choked phonology, creeping through my supposed reclaiming.

My hair sways as I struggle to contain these rattling, sweetly bitter memories, Fingers itching to tear the truth right out of me; I’m suffocating in a sea of false security. (@kaylynn)

I’m drowning in the depths of delusion Immersing and merging in illusion Emerging as iridescent vision Changing colours like a chameleon

I adhere, oh, dear, to the pantheon That sets standards for eons, for peons I agree on what I disagree on

To conform, lose sight on what lies beyond The norms, each and ev’ry criterion Deforms, my former form, once halcyon (@ethernia)

For although my tear-warped conscience whispers “This too shall pass!”,

the undead ashes of my past settle into my irises, like serene, sinless scars, and the horizon seems farther from the holes in my soul.

I can wait for the skies to cave in, or clasp them myself,

so with each laboured breath, each timid step and each whistled tune, the stars inch closer. (@soulstich_04)

If I am haunted still By the fear of drought in the creamy collision

The dense mist manifesting into the mildness of dark blueberry milk that the seamless night sky holds the potential to be

I shall remind myself and proceed towards ethereal beams, the light of guidance towards my own self Chasing abiding, yet never disconnecting (@sugar_cupcake)

I wake up falling endlessly through the blues of the sky into the silver of my ceiling,

my feet held rooted in reality, I grow head over heels (into the ground)

morning follows my infinite collapse, buried in my skin: supernovas leave sunburns,

each time I am madly alone and deeper within (me) (@dogslinwriter)

I am smaller than the griefs I own and larger than the spaces they took in this wispy blue I was given.

The fall, I was prepared for, had laced breaths with sawdust and cleared the nightingales, miles on end, for days.

But I am as deep in myself as I ever will be and in the end,

I’ll always be heavenly in my bones. (@in)

(Afterword) With fifty-eight parts, the connectivity between each part is not an easy task. When receiving each part, however, I felt like each writer added a personal flair that still contributed to setting a scene and even building a character in the narrator across the collaboration.

This is the seventh collaboration that I have worked on (almost constantly since Spring 2018!) and this one is one of my favourites for its invigorated introspection into our surroundings, relationships, and selves. There were some parts that made me internally scream because of how good they were!

I always enjoy bringing many Commaful writers—no matter their time on the site or follower count—together on these projects. The enthusiasm and fun that many have for these collaborations are what keeps them going and yes, I do eventually plan on starting an eighth collaboration in the future.

Since I am very busy with school, however, I will start another collaboration at a later date. This will affect the video for this collaboration, too, which I will post later than I initially intended to. I apologize for those of you that may be curious to see what many of us sound like!

I hope that you all take care and that this collaboration may inspire you to spark your creativity and even collaborate with one another. Commaful has always been a wonderful crossroad for imagination, so thank you all so much for reading and writing on here!

Speaking of writers, I wanted to thank @kaylynn for briefly spearheading this collaboration when I was absent for a bit of time. You all take care and stay safe through the pandemic and all else in life—stay strong and keep creating! <3

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