Heart of Darkness
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A collaboration of thirty on a very affectionate affair of poetry pizzazz! Enjoy!

Heart of Darkness

(Preface) The past three months have brought myself and twenty-nine together on a colourful collaboration based on the prompt of 'emotions'.

Bringing together the brilliance of each writer, this collaboration has taken on a life of cohesion and harmony based on many individual styles and minds. Coming together was a festival of fun and a concoction of creativity, fused into one piece!

We all hope that you, reader, enjoy the extravaganza of effort and pulsation of pizzazz. We are all pleased with the final result -- it's the culmination of a lot of hard work! -- Alex

He told her he loved her It escaped him, more like an exhale desperate to be born into this world

His chest was alight A flame he had caught from her

And it filled him with such lightness he could rise like an air balloon and meet those scintillating, beckoning gems on the night's dress (@nasseropolis)

Eternity called His inflamed soul burst alight Like a nova rising

Carrying his raptured heart To undreamt realms of magic ^-.-^ (@stevewaldrop)

The stars nothing but a drowning fleck in her eyes. He loved her, the words burning and fierce,

Exhaled on a single breath, a million dreams in every syllable. He wanted the weight of her soul next to his.

Her easy smile branding a scar upon his heart, A flaming wound, a rigid reminder of this yearning love. (@ivoryannalise)

But this love has been destined for a red light. A frenzied orgy of savage thoughts start to take control.

Deeper and deeper does he spiral into homicidal rage. Dying is the sparkling twinkle that once glistened so bright.

He pines for the day when love re-ignites his heart and breath returns. (@poemsaboutlife)

Boulders sitting on his chest, he waits for sparks to fly. Desperate for glistening love to return, he stews in ashes.

He attempts to light broken matches, useless attempts falling onto damp logs. Suddenly, lost fire returns, scarring his skin.

Breathing again, he fights to keep their hearts burning. (@writercat)

he tended the embers, tried igniting their souls hearts blazing from ashes, went raging out of control

it engulfed him with crimson, smoldered with anticipation his soul found another, a brand new fixation (@ofmicenmonsters)

Emotions spark and rain like golden embers, Inside the Forge of Want, our fate is cast;

Beside the waning glow of days remembered, Regrets burn brighter still as ages pass. (@aletifer)

The youthful days of flaming hearts elapse to a tender spark, like the glowing embers of an untended fire.

The flames may not burn as bright, but the ashes of memory remain still.

He meditates on those intimate moments of his waning life; he smiles knowing that love is perpetually present. (@genevieve)

Those embers didn't die, The eternal love remained, The memory of love dawned upon, Aged like that bottle of wine,

As love returned stronger than ever, You are mine.

It had stood the test of time, Fermented shaken stirred, But remained pure, Unblemished and more importantly mine. (@debadityadutta)

Slowly I drink, hoping this wine never ends, The flavor, a dry taste of happiness gone,

I swirl the wine in the glass, a merry-go-round of the past, Sipping the love that we had, leaving my mind drunk on joy,

For you were my first love, but also my last. (@tofu_tofu)

The burgundy depths brought on an inescapable darkness. A darkness that engulfed emotions and built up a wall never to be penetrated.

Having known and lost true passionate love left a void replaced with anger and remorse. Could a person ever break his way out of such darkness? (@iowamamaof3)

Is this darkness what has consumed my sense of loving? This wine is nothing but a bitter taste of self-hatred and fear.

The warmth of your body still lingers in my mind, but the touch of your ghost is cold.

My heart has been broken so many times I wrapped it up in caution tape and left it to die. (@poemsaboutme)

Yes, I left it to die. Because again, I didn't want it to cry.

The way my mind pleaded my heart Was killing me badly Was tearing me apart.

I took out my heart at once for you It's torn in such way That I'm unable to sew. (@cherryme)

Situations change And so do the emotions. I explained to my heart and mind

That love was just an illusion. I don’t need any excuses.

I am running out of patience. No more commitments, No more notions. (@star1)

And I don’t know what tomorrow hides. Another love or another lie.

But I have to believe that after the darkness, the light will always shine.

Now I’m flipping a new chapter, with a soul renewed from hope.

Its vibrations are so reviving, every emotion is reborn. (@nazhaabd)

The past chapter taught me, I cannot love someone else, without first loving myself.

As our first love should really be internal, And not projected onto someone else.

Tomorrow was dark, But this realization brings the light, Because a love for oneself, Keeps the darkness alight. (@hannaharnett)

Hurt people hurt people; they stand emotionally still.

Not running deep, they dig their grave upon this shallow hill.

The dust of disrespect or cold neglect has yet to clear.

This heart won't break. I'll shake the dust then step into the year. (@sonnettree)

Alert people just hurt people and they walk a tightrope emotions high, happiness a needle which sucks in every ounce of hope.

Double personas like an element's allotrope, emotions all packed and kept in a burning envelope! (@aska)

I tried hard, enveloping my heart, with impenetrable burly walls.

My smile; epoxy for the cracks, my silence; sheathing a trembling voice,

but I'm still looking for my sweet surrender, my one last try. (@soothrain)

I’m searching in each step and stride, looking behind the bitter taste of sweetened wine, the embers

edged with memories, the first sight of red light, the enveloped pleas,

And I’ve found in myself, in the walls and the breaking,

of new light and all of the mending and making, that I can keep on. (@y)

For survivors do what we must, An art learned from a hardened heart, Cling onto embedded passion,

Separate the ashes furtively, From the glimmers of a past shadow.

The fire is relighted, vehemence encapsulated, Composed in silent combat,

And casting away past dreams and wishes, Whilst we solidify against The bitter taste of emotions. (@in)

Charred hands warm my cold skin like a hearth that draws me near.

We both sigh - a white flag that makes us soldiers no more.

Tense shoulders begin to soften as the silence lulls us both.

Tomorrow is a foreign land that evades us for now as we nestle within each other’s arms. (@merrymuse)

Charred remains of the dream dreamt yesterday Paint my lips with soot, The softened shoulders return to their forlorn rigid existence

I end another day, of this life brute - Tomorrow’s foreign land consists of nothing but smoke I look forward to more miseries afoot. (@badwriter)

She was broken, stilled in misery, sorrow slivered her soul.

Until a dewy day distilled hope, when she felt the taste of old wine on her parched lips.

Piece by piece, he picked her together, a soft sway of flamed fingertips kindled her heart.

"We are here", he whispered, eyes brimming with dreams of tomorrow. (@skye)

The words echoed inside of her each syllable a sweet grape nested between the fruiting vines of their timeless embrace

nurtured by her fresh tears of hope rippling between her lashes before somersaulting onto her tongue

to wash away the bitter taste of fermented feelings now forgotten that once consumed their palettes. (@usagi)

The wailing siren continues Rotting vines decay

Grapes turn to raisins Their voices slowly die away

She bites on the thorns from a rose Poison travels down her throat

His words carved into her guts What’s left of humanity withers away (@sassmyass1)

Each night is cruel Her heart turns darker blue

Her thoughts far and awry And she hides away in fright

She still believes he will walk through the door That day the one where she breathes in back her soul (@chronoprincess)

Each morning is relentless, Her attention at the mercy of his control.

She wishes to be free of his possession, Yet craves the worded destruction.

He is no good for her oppression, But satiates her self-obstruction.

As time ticks, emotions repress, Awaiting his deathly seduction. (@kaylynn)

They use each other to obscure themselves. He is unsatisfied with himself and delves Into the obfuscation of purple imagery and third-person distance, But I am changing the tack of my resistance.

I am stepping back - Away from fire and darkness and thirst - I may seek you out, but I will find myself first. (@vignette)

The heartache may hush as a rush of radiance twinkles, wrinkles the worries and sprinkles sensations of summer.

But it’s a promise that slumbers in colours that crinkle; my blemishes and blunders washed-out in wasteful wonder.

Like the brushstrokes of balloons on the cerulean sky, my heart must seek its sealed dreams, faraway in tomorrow. (@stadarooni)

(Afterword) Getting through this collaboration was definitely a challenge -- from the planning to the organization -- but, once again, we all hope that you all enjoyed the final product! Check out every writer on this piece -- everyone deserves recognition for their hard work!

Take care, Commaful, and keep on writing! Thank you all for reading! <3

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