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Thank you, Commaful! <3

Cerulean Celebration

Hey, Commaful! Today marks one year of being on this website and wow, looking back, this website has had an impact that goes beyond any written word, like, follower, or even comment. I feel a lot of pride today, but it goes beyond any of that.

I tried to come up with a special poem, for today, but my creative juices have been somewhat low since late December and they haven't really recovered. Instead, I want to spiel and talk about my time here! (I have mentioned a lot of this before, but I will tell things again!)

I am not going to tell a giant story, but in February of 2018, I felt very down. I started university back in September of 2017, and things were not going the way that I wanted them to go. It culminated back in that February when I had a dream that shook me in a very unpleasant manner.

At that point, I decided that I needed to start dedicating more time in making myself happy, so I started to return to things that I love. This included exercising, meeting my friends more, and, most importantly for me, writing!

I used to run a blog on WordPress, but things there are generally better for fashion, travel, lifestyle, and health blogs rather than writing ones. So, by chance, I came across Commaful about a year ago with a piece that I wrote, which I titled 'Hyperfocus'!

So you can see how my writing has evolved over time, I'll include a link to that post in a comment. However, I never expected to receive any attention here until one user, @boblong, gave me a very high compliment that took me by pleasant surprise and motivated me to post more often!

This may seem strange, as, over time, I have posted less and less often. However, when starting out on Commaful, I posted VERY often in my first two months here! I loved my time here and it really felt like a tightly-knit community. I feel like that is still true, a year later.

To go over some highlights, I think one thing that I have loved with all of you are the three collaborations. I was inspired by a similar assignment that I did with two other people in a grade twelve Creative Writing class, and I knew that it would be fun on here.

It feels amazing that people feel privileged to take part in it (I hope I don't make it feel exclusive and high-tier) as someone that has always felt like they are not always that great of a writer. All of you help with that, though!

One achievement on this site that I feel proud of is my seven-part story on an artificial intelligence and the reaction the last part of it got from some of you. I love being so abstract and alliterative across my pieces, however!

I think three pieces that I feel most proud of are 'I Love You?', 'Action Figures', and 'Sunflower', which I will link in that comment! However, what I am most thankful for is everyone on this site.

I feel awful that I am not on this site as much as I used to, especially as I feel like some of you are friends. However, I love being known as the long comment guy and bringing my perspective and knowledge to make you all realize how fantastic your writing is and make you see things you don't see otherwise!

I am a person that doesn't really feel too happy most of the time and I sometimes self-loath and lack any self-confidence, but being on this site helps tremendously. To know that I can make others smile with my support, collaborations, and writing means the world on so many levels!

I love being here and I will not stop anytime soon. It has been an experience to connect with others across the world and I would not trade that with anything. Commaful, you make me feel less alone! <3

If I could, I would do individual thank yous. However, I have tried that two months into being on Commaful and I failed miserably as there were too many of you, so I won't try now. Instead, here are two pictures of me!

One was taken back in 2012, the other a few days ago!

I hope to continue to meet more of you and write more (my VR story will continue!) in the future. My dream has always been to write a novel (I have had an idea I have fallen in love with since about 2010/2011), and I feel like Commaful has made me get closer to that point!

I think that does it for now, however. There is so much to say about this website and I love you all so much! If there is anything else cool that I should do, if you want to ask a question, or do anything, just let me know! <3

Thank you, Commaful, and keep on writing, creating, and being brilliant! ~Alex <3

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