Boys and Girls in Blue
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A trail of glory.

Boys and Girls in Blue

Iron-pressed, avian crest, we are lavished in blue.

Cobalt gaze, infinite praise, I like this mask I wear.

But do a hundred children truly go to a masquerade party,

this army of secrets unkempt?


This dress of blue, a clue into the view that brew

a branch of my identity tree.

Blue-spun dial, children in file, masks become ecstatic.

But not a mask, no smash or crack, It’s just a part of me.

Yet, why does it feel like I drench myself in navy?

Why does it feel so unhappy to pull off this azure dream?

A dream that drowns for a time of aqua slumber.

The brass buttons I wear gleam back like sapphire eyeballs.

But those eyes look back at me with their indigo gleam.

They tell me that the cerulean sky is always graced by the sunrise hue of the Phoenix.

I feel my pride, I will not hide, my splendid memories.

You made me love, you’ll go above,

my boys and girls in blue.

(Aside) This one is about my experience in Air Cadets, over a large period of time, that made me feel very happy and when I wasn't doing it I felt somewhat dissatisfied. It was a central part of my life and my action in it has made me proud of myself and SO MANY others.

Remember that on one of my previous posts (Digital Fears), I have a link to a blog post I wrote on my experience in the program!

I also wrote this in a generalized way for all of you to relate to the idea of having this personality branch that you feel happy about but you don't display everywhere. I hope that makes sense, and I hope you enjoyed this! :)

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