#onefact -- Another Fact About Me!
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Another short #onefact piece about myself. Thanks to @kaylynn for the idea!

#onefact -- Another Fact About Me!

First off, I decided to do an even more embarrassing picture of myself so you all can see how odd I am. ;) The picture here was taken on my vacation last weekend, and so was the first picture of myself.

So, I decided to do another #onefact piece inspired by @PoemsAboutLife's piece on why he joined Commaful! Before I continue, thanks again to @kaylynn for starting this wonderful trend. I would love to see even more of you join in!

So, back in early March, I decided to get back into creative writing. I was going through a very emotionally dull time and I hadn't written anything since I finished high school about a year ago in my Writing class.

In that class, I wrote a lot of things, including the first four chapters of a theoretical novel, a ballad about popcorn, a love letter for 'someone', and more. It was a lot of fun and the only time that I really enjoyed high school. So I thought, 'Why don't we do this again?'

I used to write a lot of analytical pieces and short stories on WordPress, but the environment on there is better for bloggers who write about travel, fashion, and lifestyle. Creative writing and analysis were both very niche on there.

My first piece upon returning to creative writing, called 'Hyperfocus' (my first piece here), was something I asked people I know personally if they wanted to read. A lot of people were busy with school, so only two people read it. I craved for more.

WordPress was the last place I wanted to share it, so I searched for a website that I could specifically share creative writing on. That's when I discovered Commaful on Quora or another website of the same flavour.

I didn't expect to receive any attention here, so it was shocking to me that I actually got likes and comments! @boblong called me a "poet laureate" which made me feel incredibly humbled and I knew that this was the place that my writing belonged -- people actually liked it here!

Since then, I now have 46 pieces on Commaful and this website reignited my passion for creative writing thanks to all of your support and my own drive. I never expected to find a place on the Internet that I would love and even find people I would dare call friends.

However, that's why I joined Commaful and I'm very happy that I suddenly decided to write again! If not, I wouldn't know all of you wonderful people and my passion would still lie dormant.

So, I guess this fact about me is also a thank you of sorts! :D I was going to share something else non-writing related, but I might save it for another time. I suppose the moral of this story is that you never know what will happen if you just explore and experiment!

Take care, Commaful, and thank you for reading! <3

If you want to participate (and I highly encourage you to), tag your piece with #onefact or tag @kaylynn in your comments!

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