Making room
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stace06 Community member
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Losing something is just making room for something else

Making room

Maybe the love of your life

Doesn't seem so lovely in this light

Maybe the person you looked up to

Seems smaller up close

Maybe after all this time the goal you set

Suddenly feels wrong

It is not the strongest that survives

But the most adaptable to change

If you felt alive before

You can feel it again

We are not meant to stay standing in the same spot forever

The wind will blow the dirt away

The rain will carve out new rivers

We are meant to keep moving

If you've lost something close to your heart


Your simply making room for the next right thing

Keep your head up buttercup

There's so much more meant for you

So allow yourself to grieve

But promise me you'll stand up and start walking

Beautiful things are out there for you

But it's up to you to find them

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