Wings and demons part 2
Wings and demons part 2 romeance stories
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"No!" I scream as the sword pierced his heart Javi stumbles backward to the floor and grunts in pain.

Wings and demons part 2

"No!" I scream as the sword pierced his heart

Javi stumbles backward to the floor and grunts in pain

"Leave me, sera" he gasps


"No!" I screech again

And stumble towards him tears steaming down my cheeks

But I cannot get to him in time

A bag gets slumped over my head and I am bound my the hands as they toss me put of the window onto a waiting carriage that pulls us away

"I love you, Javi" I whisper Into the science and dark ness of the sack.


What. The. Fuck. Happened.

How am I not dead yet

I felt the pain, I literally felt the sword piercing my fucking heart.

I'm not dead though.

I Clamber to my feet, The pain completely vanished

One thing is for certain. I must find sera And find out what they are doing with her

I need to save sera I am still utterly confused though. No human could ever survive that.

"I love you, too" I whisper Into the empty wing

"I'm coming for you"


I can't believe what just happened.

No. That's not true I can defiantly believe what Just happened. But I don’t I know it’s true

I feel dizzy and my head hurts I let darkness take me as I slowly blackout.

I wake up with a jolt. And remember where I am.

In the back of a fucking carriage that is still moving. They've unbounded my hands but my ankles are still shackled to the large bac of a room. Made of iron.

"The girl scum needs food" a voice gargles from one of the sides of the metal walls

I crawl towards it and press my ear against the cold iron.

"-stopping would cause us to be of schedule"

Stopping, she needed to stop

She felt like being sick

"We've been on the road for days!" Another voice shouts

"Yeah" a third one joins in " we need food"

I lean my back against the wall

I don't want food

I don't want anything

That's not true, I want to die.

But the second mans voice cuts me off

"She needs to be healthy for breeding month"

Holy shit.

Breeding. They need me for breeding.

Angels above save me.

I need to get out of here.

The carriage abruptly stops making my head crash into the wall

"The runaway monsters!" One of the voices screams as my pounding head slowly shuts dowwwnnnn n n.

Thanks for reading! I will probably have more parts Out tomorrow or today Hope you enjoyed Feel free to tell my anything you think would be epic in this story or whatever you like Thanks!

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