through the window, past the trees
through the window, past the trees woods stories

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Jenna reluctantly sat. the highway noise was rattling her skull.

through the window, past the trees

Jenna reluctantly sat.

the highway noise was rattling her skull

she was grounded and she new the punishment even before her mom told her to get in the car.

but still, it wasn't fair that her punishment was to drag her along to one of those boring museums on the day of her school's fundraiser; the summer fair.

she was supposed to go with her friend sophia.

but then again, she was grounded.

"where are we going?" Jenna asked for the 20th time on the 30 minute drive.

"stop talking Jenna" warned her mom.

"stop talking Jenna" warned her mom. "your distracting your dad"

Jenna groaned.

why was life so so so haaaaar-

the car started skidding

"John! stop this thing!" her mom shrieked

"I'm trying Laura! the axels, foot pedals and the steering wheel aren't communicating properly!"

Jenna curled into a ball like a useless coward.

why couldn't she just have one normal day in her life.

her mother and father were still shouting, the car still skidding across the highway.

Jenna slightly raised her red haired head to glance out of the car window.

it couldn't be.

she looked again.

but the black cloaked figure was still there.

literally flying past the blurring trees

the car slowly started gaining speed much to her horror, as they neared a cliff.

she looked through the window for the 3rd time, this time crawling out of the fetal position she was in.

she didn't know if she was ready for death but all she could do at that moment was embrace it

suddenly the world started spinning, fast.

everything started fading to black.


Jenna was contemplating whenever it was wise to die from falling off a cliff when your unconscious from banging your head, or if ur actually awake. when she realized she was not dead, or unconscious, but surrounded by a black cloak.

the stranger's black cloak.

i hope you enjoyed this i was just on a car ride and i looks out of a window and wondered what it would be like if i saw a stranger through the trees.

i might keep writing this. I'm not sure though, so if you guys want me to, ill try. if not, dang ill probably just write something new:)

love u guys stay safe<3 also this picture was taken by me on Galiano island BC its so pretty there:) post a comment if you want me to show u guys pics of my gala trip:)

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