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we used to be friends we used to hug, and talk, and share our deepest secrets
but now, it feels like I'm looking at a glitching screen.


we used to be friends, you and I.

we used to hug, and talk, and share our deepest secrets

but everything feels strange now

ever since you started sticking letters in my desk

letters that said nasty things

its like your a bugged system, glitching in and then out and back in again

one moment you can't bare to look at me, then the other your leaning your head on my shoulder as i draw

its like I'm looking through a screen i can't figure out

your technology is hard to interpret

maybe one day this screen between us will die, shut down

but for now this screen,

its still there and i don't know how to put it away

and i don't think I'm the one who is in charge of it.

this is based off of true experiences

i hope that someone else is going through this and they read this,

they realize when they just have to turn the screen off and walk away

stay safe everyone<3

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