Just a Normal Day...
Just a Normal Day... broken stories
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ssmpan Community member
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Just a Normal Day...

A complete new day in my life's journey!!! Might be a merry one... but i have soon released it is not so...

In a bad situation.. it is easy to blame someone but hard to hold your heart and say "ALL IS WELL"... and to always believe the saying... "ALL's WELL THAT ENDS WELL"

Often one has to sing to heart(the naughty one).... Ooh my dear heart.... not this day... don't you just loose your hope on me

Just stay with me and heal your bruises... Just stay brave and forget all your excuses.. I will never know what path our life chooses... but, Stay strong and let the darkness fade away... and throw off all the hurdles out of your way...

Ooh my best friend i need you please support me now... and if you leave me alone how will i live... just say me how??

I know you are injured... I know you are exhausted... but please be here for me.. don't you break just yet!!! I won't say there will be no times for you to fret.... I won't say there will be dimes if you choose to sweat...

but i ask you one selfish request... be with me today for i want to try one last time... for i want to win one last time... please do this for me...

And the journey continues!!!

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