Dent in the Wall
Dent in the Wall happiness stories

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They probably have painted over
The dent in the wall by now

Dent in the Wall

They probably have painted over The dent in the wall by now

I remember the day I noticed the dent Surrounded by such emptiness Traces of my family gone Thrown into boxes on the lawn With the walls so bare Stripped of the evidence Of the life we made here I could now see a dent In the paint on the kitchen wall

And I remembered how we had made it Oh so long ago When my brother threw a toy across the room And we covered it up With drawings and tape Thinking no one would notice

And it worked No one noticed the dent in the wall

And suddenly when I remembered the dent I remembered the games of hide and seek And the summer barbecues and the holidays And the laughter and smiles and memories That now belong to someone else

The people in the house Will not understand They will paint over the spots and creases And erase what is left of our family from the house They will remodel our front yard Where I learned to ride a bike And change the locks on our door That I walked through every day And cut down the orange trees That I planted with my sister

And make memories in the place Where I had to leave mine behind

And they will not care about The marks in the wall Until they have pack their life Into cardboard boxes And then they will notice The dent they made in the wall Where their own memories Used to hang

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