To my puppy blackie protector of the house
To my puppy blackie protector of the house dogs stories
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My buddy blackie

To my puppy blackie protector of the house

You tried to bite me our first meeting it wouldn't be your last attempt

But I know in my heart it was never done in contempt

I couldn't even touch my keys without you staring with those big brown eyes

Knowing you'd convince me to take you on a car ride

Pulling into your favorite places you knew exactly what was up

You'd jump on me and cry anxious to get to your pup cup

Every morning you'd bark at the door jumping as I walked in

I took for granted just exactly what I had then

You'd want to go outside jumping up in glee

Not even allowing me to attach you to your lead

You'd superman off the deck into the waiting snow

Bounding down the hill, navigating like an old pro

Daisy followed you always at your side

You taught her all the rules to which she must abide

You stole her food and picked on her everyday

Now she doesn't understand you had to go away

We had our game we would always play

I'd tell you let's go to bed and I never knew what you would say

You were a talker and you'd always bark and growl as such

Always something to say something you'd say so much

But I always felt safer because I knew that you were there

Knowing no one could break in, hell you even barked at air

The house is quieter now, all the noises feel so fake

No one is here now to bark at every move I make

You needed us we thought to feed you or give you a toy

Little did we know how much we needed our good boy

But now you're gone your body laid to rest

Your heart no longer beating in your lil chest

Rest well my buddy your pain is gone away

I do believe we'll meet again when it is my day

But until that day we have to say goodbye

To blackie, protector of the house my puppy such a sweetie pie

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