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It’s very long-

Rayman :3

This one is really long though, so there’s a lot of pages lmao Enjoy! -Everen

Ok ok, I aged this up, and there is a few notes lol. I aged up the boys for story purposes

***IMPORTANT!!!: This is an aged up AU for reasons other than the ship itself, I wanted to try to write what it would have been like for them to grow up in a modern world with real jobs and things.It’s kind of controversial and involves the flower disease hanahaki1 (explanation below)***

When I copied over the superscripted numbers it didn't go well, so words with numbers have explanations at the end of the story :3

Ray and Norman. Norman and Ray. Two quiet and reserved orphanage boys. Norman was adopted into a good and wealthy family, while Ray lived with his biological mother, the orphanage caretaker, Isabella3. Both getting a good job as businessmen for the same company

Life ended up being easy for both, except Norman having to leave the orphanage. Ray was not happy about that. His anger-tantrum lasted two months before he ever looked normal. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (Le time skip :3)

One night, after a long day of throwing out old papers and trash, Norman decides to walk to the parking garage rather than take the elevator.

When walking into floor B, Normal comes across Ray walking towards the elevator. A wave of nostalgia hits Norman as recalls sitting in the tree above where Ray would read, asking him pointless questions to pass the time.

A small “Ray,” escapes the pale boy’s mouth. Not expecting an answer he turns around to get into his car. heard Norman say his name and began walking towards him. Norman unlocked his car and for a mere second he felt a hot breath on his neck. Spinning around quickly finding Ray looking at him very closely. “Hello Norman,” he says smiling slightly.

Norman smiles back at the man, “Haven’t seen you around here lately, have I? You’ve been on vacation, correct?” Norman says breaking the five-second awkward tension.

Ray nods, “Yeah, went back to the orphanage to help Emma, she works and takes care of the place now, and then I went back home to see mom.” he says looking away and rubbing the back of his neck slightly, “But hey, good thing is, I’m back right?” he smiled starting to turn away.

A burning sensation starts to flare up in Norman’s throat, acid reflux maybe?

"Y-yeah, I guess. . .” he gulps “. . . Anyways, see you tomorrow.” Norman says, covering his mouth a bit from the pain.

As soon as Ray steps out of view petals spew out. All of his compressed one-sided feelings falling out and onto the floor of the parking garage. Just as soon as the petals came they disappeared and melted into nothingness.

The drive home was quiet, and so was the house accepting the small little cat in the windowsill. Conny looked over at Norman with a long day at work? expression in her neon eyes.

Norman sat down on the couch to loosen his tie and pet the small cat that was now sitting on his lap. “Hanahaki, huh,” Norman chuckled nervously “Well then, I’m either going to die like this or have it surgically removed.”

Conny slipped her tail underneath Norman's chin to catch him off guard. “Oh, sorry,” he said, placing his hand to pet her.

Glancing over at the clock he looked at the time. In big bold numbers it read 9:06 PM. A soft sigh left his lips before Conny had jumped off to swat at her now empty food bowl.

Feed me. Now please, her eyes seem to say. Norman slid off the couch effortlessly and walked into the kitchen to grab the food bag and scoop. Walking over he let the compressed rock-hard pellets drop into the bowl.

Pulling out his phone he scrolled through things like the news and Twitter until he ended up falling asleep. __________________________________

The next day Norman had woken up to yellow fur covering his clothing. “Ah, I fell asleep here.” he looks around, fur strewn everywhere like confetti.

Multing . . .Greeeeaaaatttttt. Norman thought as he grabbed the vacuum cleaner and began to clean up the invasive fuzz. Norman continued to sweep and suck up any fur he could find, glancing out the windows every now and then looking at passing cars and birds.

Usually Conny’s fur doesn’t get like this, only when it’s really warm out, but it has to be dealt with one way or another.

It’s 11:04 AM, around the time Norman gets lunch set up. Looking in the fridge his lips curl downward into a frown. Nothing but leftovers that need to be thrown out. Just as he went to shut the fridge he felt it, the petals burning in the back of his throat. A few slid across his tongue like hot butter.

He pulled a few out to look at them, Vidar2 flowers. The white petals were starting to turn red, meaning this throat was bleeding from the inside.

To have Vidar Hanahaki is very lucky, but very dangerous. Lucky because that means that when you finally choke back and stop upchucking flowers your throat won’t have blood running down it. Dangerous because when the disease finally kills you you won't know you’re bleeding out until you drop dead.

Norman had emitted the flowers yesterday, but he paid no mind as to what kind they were, or why he had hanahaki in the first place.

Could the disease have evolved and spread somehow to people without one-sided feelings? He shook his head and decided to go to the interwebs to see the symptoms and causes. Looking on a few websites he was able to narrow down symptoms, they include the following:

- Increased heartbeat when around people, (usually a specific singular person) - Sweaty palms, back, neck, and under arms - Emitting flowers - Bleeding from the throat from the flowers - One-Sided Love

The One-Sided Love part stuck out to Norman like a sore thumb. He wasn't in love with anyone he could think of. “In love, with who? Maybe it’s a coworker, Gilda? maybe Emma, but he’s my childhood friend, and we see each other like siblings. . .” he rested his hand on his chin and like a bullet the thought hit him.

A single name escaped his mouth, “. . .Ray. . .” he said, and then a broken up sentence came right after. “I love. . .Ray. . .” His face turned red and hot enough to boil a tea kettle in seconds. -Author casually sipps some tea “mm yes, tea”-

The burning sensation stops suddenly, then comes back ten times harder with petals erupting out of Norman. Scrambling to the kitchen he violently turns on the faucet grabbing the nearest clean cup. Seconds later the glass is empty and Norman is huffing and puffing trying to control his breathing.

lopping down on the couch he continues to read through the list of symptoms. - Burning in the back of your throat (primarily when about to emit flowers) “If any or all symptoms occur you have hanahaki, the One-Sided Love Flower Disease,” He read aloud for no one to hear.

“The heaviest burning will occur when you admit that you have these feeli—Would have been nice to know earlier!!!” Norman shouted, scaring Conny off into a corner or something. Scrolling down the page was a list of the flower that were able to be emitted

- Cherry blossom petals, a common kind of hanahaki, petals usually feel wax-like - Hibiscus petals, Not too common but not quite rare either - Rose petals, most common kind of hanahaki

- Sunflower Petals, common but makes the burning sensations worse - Vidar petals, this is the rarest type of flower to emit, because they absorb the blood it’s best to consult a doctor to monitor the burning and blood flow.

“A doctor, hmm,” He hummed to himself looking at the calendar on the wall. His next appointment was in four weeks on the 27th, that was perfect. . . If he can make it that long. As time went by Norman has upchucked flowers at least six times a week, once or twice a day.

Conny had been hiding inside of her cat tree the entire time, playing with her little bunny. Watching Norman like this was awful for her, if she was a human she’d be rushing him to the hospital right this second. One more week and this hell will get a little better. Norman thought to himself as he wiped a few petals from his face.

He called in sick the past few days because of the burning, the rest of the time he was either pushing through work or hiding in the janitor’s closet pulling flowers out of his mouth.

Sitting down he looked over to a little rug by the wall to his right. Getting up he removed the rug from its place to reveal a door, down that door was a wine cellar, where he hadn’t been in a long time for fear it would worsen the burn. At this point he was desperate for even a sip.

Hopping down into the small space he flicked on a light switch triggering a series of beautiful lights to brighten the dark space. In the center of the cellar was a small table surrounded by shelves upon shelves of wine.

He pulled out a rather nice looking bottle of some basic red wine and began to chug that shit down like it was the last time he could drink anything.

The burning sensation came the moment the deep red liquid hit his tongue, but Norman didn’t care. Half a bottle through he pulled the bottle away from his lips to see what he had gone through. “Wow,”

He set the bottle down and closed the top before placing it back on the shelf. Leaving the room he felt the petals again

“Oh no, here we go aga— and before he could finish, you guessed it, Vidar petals. By the time he was out of the cellar and placed the rug back in it’s respectful spot the petals had stopped. Tomorrow he’d be in a doctors’ office getting treatment for his hanahaki disease. __________________________________

The next day he had gotten up at his desired time to leave for work. Getting there was fine but when Ray walked in the petals burned in the back of his throat for a second before fading. Norman hadn’t had an upchuck yet today. He’s been waiting for it, but it never came. Not once did he feel the burn.

The burning is gone, that’s unusual… he started to think to himself. Just then Gilda set papers down on his desk “Ray wants you in his office, and these are the documents regarding your last three clients.” she says smiling while fixing her skirt.

“Also, I’m leaving with Don early.” she smiled gently and walked away. Great. . .just my fucking luck, oh well cant be anything bad, right? The real question is why didn’t he just use the phones or the work chat? Looking over at the stack of papers as he rolls my eyes. Getting up from his seat he turns around to face Phil who’s smiling at him.

“What?” he says glaring slightly “Oh nothing, just waiting for you to chicken out and then vent about it to me later,” he smirks a little before turning to his computer to copy over files.

Our poor little Norman finally makes it towards the elevator and presses the third floor button. Stopping on floor two, Don steps inside and smiles before turning around to press the entry level button. Don’s smiling like an idiot just like Phil was.

“Have fun with Gilda,” Norman smiles a little and he jumps “Oh, I will!” Don smiles at me a bit before the third floor button dings. he gets out and walks through the long hallways looking for his door.

The crystalline covers on the doors give a nice effect, but it makes it hard to see inside—then again that is the point. Stopping halfway through the hall he turned left to see room 81194 (4).

Taking a deep breath he knocked on the door softly “Ray, you said you wanted to see me?” Norman says squeezing his eyes shut preparing for the worst. “The door’s unlocked Norman, come on in.” Ray says nonchalantly like it was something he says everyday.

Norman gulps before choking down the petals for a minute. “Is something wrong?” he asks, cocking his head to the side and raising a brow. Ray leans back on his desk crossing his legs. “No, I’m alright.” Norman waves slightly

“Alright then,” Ray starts, only half convinced “I wanted to talk about potentially switching around some clients, moving one of them into your care.” he smiles a little waiting for Norman to respond.

“If you give me some time to look at my schedule I can see if I need to move anything around, otherwise I’m good to take them.” Norman says placing a hand on his chin tilting his head.

Okay then,” Ray claps once and turns to his desk “Also, my car’s in the shop right now and Gilda can't take me home tonight, do you mind if I Carpool for tonight?” he looks up from his computer for a second. __________________________________ By the time Norman started his break it was around five in the afternoon and boy was he ready for that doctors’ office visit.

Once he was at the doctors’ office he started filling out papers asking why he was there in the first place. He filled out the form honestly, saying that he had Vidar Hanhaki and that he wanted to have it monitored.

Handing back the papers he sits down in a chair and sighs glancing around the room. Small children are sitting in a corner reading and playing with small toys. As the next few minutes pass Norman has had to leave twice to remove more flowers from his mouth. The second time came back from the restrooms his doctor called him into the room.

Twenty grueling minutes of answering questions, explaining when and where it started, and what type of flower he’s having. “. . .They’re Vidar flowers, whenever they come up there red from my throat bleeding and it burns like acid reflux, I would like to find a way to monitor it, please.” Norman pleads softly.

The doctor rests a hand on his chin “Well. . . we have a few options, we can remove the flowers at their source if you’d like— “That’s not an option, sir! That’s not something I can afford to do!” Norman stands up a bit scowling at the words the doctor has just uttered.

“Okay then, well I can give you some medication to help with the burning. As for monitoring we’ll have to set you up with a doctor who usually works with Hanahaki.” he says looking down at his clipboard to scribble some notes.

“Her name's Krone (5), she’s down the hall in room 186846.” He uses his pen to point to the door before turning around to email her quickly. Norman retrieves his phone from a side table and takes his leave. Stepping in the doorway the wheels of an office chair can be heard against the hard tile floor.

“Norman, I assume?” Krone asks. Norman nods slowly. “Now, this may make you uncomfortable, but I’m going to need you to emit flowers. Admit you like him.” she says in a dull tone. “Can you tell me why you want to upchuck painful flowers?” Norman demanded rather than asked.

“How else am I supposed to study the vidar petals? This form is so rare I've never gotten to study it, meaning I have no clue how to help you.” She pressed her glasses against the bridge of her nose in a cliché manner.

A sigh escaped Norman's lips “. . .I. . .I-I. . . I l-love. . .R-R— and before he could finnish petals spewed out of his mouth. Some bloody red, some white, some half-bloody-half-white. “What’s their name?” Krone asks, snapping her gloves and picking up the petals.

Norman cocked an eyebrow “hmm?” he hums in a questioning manner. “The person you like, what’s the name?” Krone says, smirking a bit before turning in her chair.

Krone had given Norman a bag of painkillers to help with the burning “Take one every eight hours, with water of course.” she instructed. “Come back next week, we’ll have things sorted out by then, okay?” she says smiling a bit before turning back to the petals.

———————————————— Time skip Norman walks through the parking lot sifting through the cars finding his. He starts to head back to work because he’s got to pick up Ray after all.

“. . .Ray. . .” he recited like a broken record “Ray. . .I’m. . .Going to. . .go pick up. . .Ray,” he said mortified at the words he was saying. Pulling into the parking garage and looking around for a spot he was darting his eyes left and right. “Mmm, here’s good.”

Clicking the off button Norman sighed and slid back farther into his seat. The loud 'click’ of the passenger-side door startled Norman when he saw Ray get inside the car. “Thanks again for doing this, I really appreciate it.” Ray says (A/N: *Hands tissue box* U might gon’ need it)

The silence in the car was unbearable and awkward, but the plaguing guilt of upsetting Ray with music was even worse. Norman gripped the steering wheel tighter before having a grand Idea. He remembered how much Ray loved Kenshi Yonezu (7).

“Hey Siri?” Norman says, “Play Kenshi Yonezu.” as soon as the words leave his mouth he feels god-awful and wishes the road would open up and swallow the car whole, Ray included. “I hope you don’t mind, I. . .” Norman pauses for a moment. “I thought some music would be nice. . .And I know you like Kenshi Yonezu.”

Ah yes, if there was anything Norman remembered about Ray from time at the orphanage it was Ray's love for Kenshi Yonezu, mostly songs like Paprika, Lemon, Loser, Peace Sign, and Flamingo. Ah yes, if there was anything Norman remembered about Ray from time at the orphanage it was Ray's love for Kenshi Yonezu, mostly songs like Paprika, Lemon, Loser, Peace Sign, and Flamingo.

And then the chorus dropped harder than a glass vase being chucked off of the Empire State Building. As Norman stopped at the next red light He turned to look at Ray, who in turn was looking at him. The two boys let their voices ring out “Fla-Fla-Fla-Flamingo!!!!!” Just then Norman starts to drive. The light was green, everything was fine.

A little ways down the road was a semi truck, with the driver high as fuck, speeding down the road going 60 in a 45. For an instant time stops, everything is still, spiderwebbed glass floating in the air. And then, everything moves again, slowly at first, then all at once. Said semi driver staggers out of the car laughing like a maniac.

Ray opens his eyes, mostly okay, aside from a bloody arm and a few scratches with bits of glass lodged into them. Looking around he noticed the corners of his vision blurring then a white tuft of hair appeared in front of him. Moving with urgency he runs over to Norman's weak and limp body.

“Nonononononono,” he reaches his hands out to Norman, but stops to muffle his sobs. “. . .Ray. . .” Norman smiles weakly Ray lays Norman’s head on his lap “J-just hold on, you’re going to be fine!” he exclaims with a cracking voice.

“No, Ray. . .I’m going to die, I’m watching my life go by in an instant,” Norman continues “I’m sorry about this, it was my fault, I shouldn’t have turned the music on.” he says. “NO! It’s not your fault, the truck driver is the one who hit us, he should be saying sorry.” “I have hanahaki. . .had it for a while now,” he says, starting to close his eyes.

“. . .Because I love you. . ” he reaches his hands up to pull Ray down into a sickeningly sweet kiss. Hands drop and Norman is gone, nothing more than an empty vessel now. Tears flood down Ray’s face like the Niagara Falls. A choking and burning sensation stings in the back of his throat.

Acid reflux but worse. Slippery Wax-like things form in his throat being pushed out through Ray’s mouth. This was Norman’s way of leaving something behind. Petals.

End~ I didn’t wanna end it sad, but this is my first finished one-shot and I wasn’t sure how to give it a good non-cliché ending and still make it short, I’m actually happy with the ending though. Im also too lazy to go through and edit around the numbers rex tot the words so :P

References and explanations: Norman's Hanahaki was not transferred to Ray, but when he died Ray realized he loved Norman, thus making him spit petals.

Hanahaki1 A flower disease caused by one-sided love. He who has one-sided feelings will constantly cough up flower petals until it the petals are removed at their source (not recommended) or the one-sided love becomes mutual by both parties, or the person carrying this non-contagious disease dies.

Vidar flowers2 for those of you who don't know are the white flowers that Conny, and sister Krone were stabbed with. In the show they are carnivorous plants that absorb all of the blood in whatever they’ve been stabbed in. In the show demons use them to make the cleaning process easier so they can get straight to the flesh, but in this case, the flower in this story is a little reference tie.

Issabella3, Miss-Mother-May-I isn’t evil in this, bc it wouldn’t make sense for Ray to be adopted by someone when he has a mother.

81194 (4) Yet another reference!!! Ray’s room number and his ID number from the anime are the same as well. Because I threw this reference in, I'll go ahead to make Norman’s 22194!!!

Krone5 Ah, dear sister Krone, I liked her character until she died, she was the neutral party, not with the demons but not against them. In this story she’s a doctor, I was originally gonna use my OC, because I couldn’t think of characters, my editor rolled her eyes at this (I use her for characters in stories often) I changed it to Sister Krone because I deem her worthy of this story

18684(6) This is Krone’s ID number, reference tie! Again, I loved her character!!!

Kenshi Yonezu7 He’s a J-pop singer and I LOVE him. Flamingo and TEENAGE RIOT are my favorite songs. I first heard his music from BNHA because he does Peace Sign. I started to listen to his music and I really love his songs. I wanted Norman and Ray to be singing a song in the car when the semi hit them, and I wanted it to be a lively song. I almost picked Loser but I figured Flamingo was better.

Okay I'm done bugging you now :P ~ Everen out

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