Not Gonna Play Fair - Part Eleven
Not Gonna Play Fair - Part Eleven
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Not Gonna Play Fair - Part Eleven

ZØEY: Notice how her jaw is ripped like that, I bring it up a lot. This image is also older and I have nicer ones, sorry it’s sorta shitty lol (Cute spider on the next page)

You can actually see her teeth through it,and half the stitches are missing there. Also, look at this regal boi, *head pats to the spider* I gonna name him Jamie.

Images used are not mine except any drawings of ZØEY that may be used. The stitch I mention on her neck is on the back of her neck, and she isn’t wearing the ascot. It’s just a visual reference. And as for her hair, it isn’t shaved in this story. I think that’s it. . .

~ Z’s POV ~ I try to get up again, this time with more purpose. I have to get up and get my phone. I groan in pain, lifting myself from the floor. I slip once in the whiskey but manage to grab a sink for leverage.

My legs felt weak, but I don’t care. “Fuck,” I pick up the bottle, shoving it into my backpack. Now the next step would be to get out of here. Easy. Just. . .Walk out the school doors, look sober, don’t get into another fight, and don’t bump into a teacher.

I stagger out of the bathroom, putting on my best drunken poker face. I don’t bump into anyone, and I was just at the door when. . . “Miss Stein?” I hate that name. And the voice that just said it. I stop in my tracks before continuing for the door. “Miss Stein, I won’t ask again.” The voice of the speech teacher rings through my ears.

“I’m not in the mood, bitch.” I run out the door and through the parking lot. Well. . .I thought I was running, it was more of an awkward staggering shuffle and me stopping midway to huff and groan. The speech teacher follows after me with her discount stilettos clicking underneath her.

“ZØEY STEIN?!” She yells. I take off again, running behind the pizza parlor across the street and staggering behind a dumpster.

~ Anya’s Bro’s POV ~ xxx-xxx-xxxx: hey, it Zøey xxx-xxx-xxxx: It’s*

End for now~ Ehvee out~

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