The Perfect Night With You
The Perfect Night With You  stories

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The Perfect Night With You

by spirit

The text said, "I'm outside, open the door."

As soon as you get in the house, I get a kiss that takes my breath away.

You walk down the hall with your arms around my waist, whispering how much you've missed me all day.

You lay next to me on the bed, curling your fingers in my afro, staring into my eyes, telling me how beautiful I am.

You lovingly kiss every single curve on my fleshy body, staying longer in the places that make me squirm & moan.

You curl your hands around my neck & ask in a voice filled with lust:

"Who do you belong to?"

I don't even have to answer.

After we're done, I memorize your face. The way your breath evens out when you drift into a deep sleep, the way your arm drapes over my waist, just above the curve of my booty.

I could lay in your arms forever.

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