The train story Just a funny story
The train story

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spidey_13 I invented a new word! Plagiarism!
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The train story Just a funny story

So in a train, a conductor comes down the aisle and collects everyone's tickets. But these two boys were smart enough to beat this system.

Both the boys rushed into the restroom, and when the conductor goes to the back, the person inside sticks the ticket outside the door. While both of the boys were in the restroom, they only stuck out one ticket, and the conductor obviously thought that there was only one person inside, so he took it and went on his way.

This was how the boys managed to get 2 people with 1 ticket.

One time, they came with out tickets. But they had a different plan.

When someone else was in the restroom, one of the boys knocked on the door and said, "This is the conductor, kindly give over your ticket." The person stuck their ticket outside and the boy took it.

After the man exited the restroom, they both rushed in. Then they did their trick again, and the conductor took 1 ticket from both of them together in the restroom, and the man who they stole it from didn't have a ticket any more when the real conductor came.

Thought this would be interesting :) Thanks for reading! Stay safe and stay healthy!

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