Pokemon facts Part 8 (Last)
Pokemon facts

Part 8 (Last) pokemon stories

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Pokemon facts Part 8 (Last)

Did you know? Fact 1: Magikarp can jump over mountains easily!!

Did you know? Fact 2: An Electivire can provide enough electricity to power a large city!!

Did you know? Fact 3: Charizard’s flame can melt anything!!

Did you know? Fact 4: Arcanine’s bark is irresistible!!

Did you know? Fact 5: Macargo’s temperature is around 18,000 degrees Fahrenheit!!

Did you know? Fact 6: Spiritomb is made up of 108 spirits!!

Did you know? Fact 7: All professors from the main series are named after trees. In order of region releases, these are Professors Oak, Elm, Birch, Rowan, Juniper, Sycamore, Kukui, and Magnolia.

Did you know? Fact 8: The Kanto Elite Four wanted to end the world!!

Did you know? Fact 9: Most Pokemon uses its male counterparts for the official artworks!!

Did you know? Fact 10: Hariyama has a higher catch rate than its pre-evolved form!!

Thanks for reading! This is the last pokemon fact post btw. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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