Hunting Spree Part 4
Hunting Spree

Part 4 hunting spree stories

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Hunting Spree Part 4

Use "Mega Claw!", Liz yelled. -----------------------------------

Mel didn't have time to counter the move, and Alpha was bitten. It transformed back into a normal wolf, and it was also wounded.

"Use black hole!" Liz yelled! Mel and Alpha were sucked in. "NOOOO" Teddy yelled. And the word just came to his mind. "AVALANCHE!!", and his fawn transformed in a shining light.

"Use light beam!" and it hit Asha. Now as you know Liz and Roxi were people of darkness and their pets, a werewolf and a panther were creatures of the dark. So you know how affective "Light beam" was in a werewolf.

"Nooo" Liz screamed as Asha transformed back and was badly wounded. Now Liz and Roxi had no animals to defend them, but they had Mel as prisoner. "So long suckers" Roxi said as she and Liz jumped in the black hole as it closed behind them.

"We have to rescue Mel" Teddy said. "But where do we find her?" Marty asked. "Isn't that obvious guys?" Charley said, "We have to explore their realm." "So that means we have to have a black hole" Kira finished.

"But we don't have a creature of the dark" Marty complained. "We have two choices" Charley said, "Either we have to make a black hole, or find them again and jump into that." "Let's stick to first one for now", Kira said.

"How do we make a black hole?" Marty asked. "We don't have to" Teddy said, "We could just find one." "Did you notice how when we came to the top of this volcano, we some caves in the bottom of the ravine?" Teddy asked.

Charley and Marty violently nodded their heads. "We could find one in there, I think." Teddy said. "Wait up" Kira said while dropping to one knee. "Are you okay?" they asked rushing to her side.

"Yeah yeah I'm fine" Kira replied. And then she spoke in a slightly monotonous tone,"To save your friend, time you must bend. Stones you must gain, to keep the world from pain. Rey you must beat, and not face defeat. Another animal, you must find, don't let it control your mind."

And then she collapsed. After writing the quest on a piece of parchment, Marty, Teddy, and Charley decided to camp for the night and talk about this and their journey the next day.

Little did Teddy know, but when Mel disappeared, his grief caused for him to get a new animal . . .

Question for you guys: What should I call Liz and Roxi's team? Team Snarl or Team Shadow? Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for part 5! Stay safe and stay healthy!

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