Hunting Spree Part 3
Hunting Spree

Part 3 hunting spree stories

spidey_13 I invented a new word! Plagiarism!
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Hunting Spree Part 3

Using a jamboard, I tried to make a cool picture with the hero's animals. Its on the next slide.

Now, on with the story . . .

"Haha, I, Liz, will destroy you!!" the green eyed one said. She charged forward calling her werewolf Asha beside her.

"You're going down chosen ones", the scarlet haired one said. "Remember my name before I kill you, YOU WILL DIE BY THE HANDS OF ROXANNE!!" "We can easily defeat them" Liz told her, "We can super move while they can't."

The crew looked at each other, and they all came to a silent understanding. Liz and Roxi didn't know that Mel can super move Alpha. And that they also had a plan.

"Knox, come on here, let's eat them alive." Knox, Roxi's panther followed her with open fangs. Meanwhile, the crew was preparing their strategy.

"Dingo!" Marty yelled, "Charge!!" "Aspen!" Charley shouted, "Get them!!" "Jasmine!" Kira cried out, "Attack!!" "Alma!" Teddy called, "Rampage!!"

All the animals jumped in front of Liz and Roxi, confusing them, but not for long. Liz was calling her werewolf for help when this happened . . .

Mel yelled at the top of her lungs, "ENHANCE!!" Now the words she should use just came to her mind. "Rabid bite!" "Ice tornado!", she yelled without knowing what she was saying.

Roxi was shocked, but quickly came over it quickly. "Knox come over here!" she said. "VOID!", she yelled. All of the crew was shocked as a huge panther descended on them.

"The more experience you have, the stronger your animal gets" Roxi said simply. "Now use Black hole!" she yelled.

Black hole sucked the ice tornado right into it, but Knox was still bitten by Alpha. It seemed as though the crew was winning, but they forgot about Liz. "HOWL!", she yelled.

"Liz just super moved her werewolf", the crew thought. "How much scarier can it get though?", Teddy thought to himself. "Oooooh that scary." he thought after it fully transformed.

Mel's wolf was slowly shrinking as she was losing energy and power. "Asha, use Mega Claw!", Liz yelled.

To be continued . . .

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for part 4! Stay safe and stay healthy!

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