Hunting Spree Part 2
Hunting Spree

Part 2 animals stories

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Hunting Spree Part 2

Kira just got up, "Where am I?" she asked weakly. "This is basically our secret base", a girl beside her answered, "That's not that secret." "My name is Melany, you can call me Mel", she smiled.

"Hi, my name's Marty, what's your name?" another girl asked. "My name's Kira." "So what are we doing here?" Kira asked.

"We just hear some voices in our heads and follow them.", a girl named Charley said, "Now that I hear it out loud, it doesn't sound as much of a smart thing to do." Kira laughed, "I've been hearing voices in my head like that too".

"So..."Kira continued, "what animals do you guys have?" A boy named Teddy replied first, "I've got a faun. Come over here Alma." "Why is it blue though?" Kira asked.

"Our animals are different than normal", Teddy said, "Have you noticed that your cat gives off an orange aura?" Kira just realized this. "O wow", she was amazed.

The rest of them rounded up their animals. "They all looked amazing in their own way" Kira thought. She stared at the bird with the green aura. "That's my peregrine falcon, Aspen" Charley stated.

"Here's my wolf, Alpha", Mel said. "And here's my Husky, Dingo", Marty said.

"They look amazing!" Kira said. "Did you train it yet?" Marty asked with excitement? "What do you mean by that?" Kira responded.

"So then no" Marty said sadly. Everyone looked dejected. "We need to train them so they are ready to fight" Mel said. "For some reason, I'm the only one who can do this till now." "Can you show us?" Kira asked.

"Sure I'll give it a shot." "Each animal has its own special word." she explained, "Mine is enhance." "ALPHA" she yelled, "ENHANCE!!!" Alpha started glowing blue and then BAM, there was a full warrior wolf.

Everyone stared at it in amazement, but it quickly transformed to how Alpha used to look. "I'll still need more time and practice to keep it for longer though", Mel explained.

"But you don't have that much time." said a creepy voice behind her. "OMG, who are you?" "Your worst nightmare."

"All praise Lord Rey!!" another one said, and they both charged into battle.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for part 3! Stay safe and stay healthy!

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