A lot of Westerners I found have an interesting
The Gautama Buddha and Bhagwan Mahaviraswami stories

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A lot of Westerners I found have an interesting

understanding and perspective on the Gautama Buddha. In some ways, he is a very romantic figure to the West, much like Mahatma Gandhi.

The ideals of the Buddha are very much accepted and loved by

the West, and in this way do I mean that he is a romantic figure to the region.

The Buddha advocates for a neutral and balanced way of life,

based on meditative practice and mental harmony: to continuously work on creating positive and peaceful thoughts based on the principles of friendship and loving-kindness.

Ideals related to peace are very much important

in today's society.

But how we actually think about peace,

the means to achieve peace, for ourselves and for our societies — that, I don’t here as much talk about. Action over sentiment.

We know what peace is.

We can grasp the concept and verse it in our scripts and

speeches. We can also feel the benefit of having a peaceful lifestyle and peaceful interaction with others.

Usually it results in our growing awareness

that we are overall mentally, physically, and emotionally much stronger and healthier when we approach things from a place of and goal towards peace.

And that I think this is where individuals like the Buddha,

Mahavirswami, really excelled.

They not only talked about and preached peace.

They achieved a certain of state of peace within themselves during their life-times, that allowed them to influence and inspire hundreds and thousands of followers.

It would seem strange to me

that the Buddha and Mahavirswami did not have a certain halo or aura of energy around them.

in order to believe someone’s words,

at some level you must become aware of the truth of the words within the presence and soul of the individual disseminating them.

And what the Buddha, Mahavirswami, emphasized the strongest

and hardest was that in order to achieve peace for yourself and in your interactions, one needed to practice compassionate behavior with an extremely strong work ethic and disciplined mind.

If these individuals did not have a certain kind of mental

discipline and work ethic, there is no way they could have taken the 12 year journeys of penance and denial that they did.

Their minds would have given in

and emotionally it would have been too much pressure.

Knowledge is key.

Their knowledge that they were pursuing a higher truth and greater goal alleviated their emotional pressure and allow their mind not to give in.

The higher truth and greater goal,

in their case, was ultimate knowledge and ultimate freedom of their soul from the cycle of birth and death.

Compassionate practice.

This is action, an act of kind, affectionate and loving behavior when interacting with other life.


This is action, it requires strenuous mental effort and mental stamina to acquire mental knowledge.

Work ethic.

This is action, the only way you can acquire strong work ethic is if you go through the experience of working hard.


This is action, the only way any kind of discipline can be achieved is work done through time.

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