Dr. King is an American hero.
Revisiting Dr. King stories

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Dr. King is an American hero.

While we all know his greatest achievements in regards to his work in civil rights activism, lesser known about Dr. King is the man himself.

For this, one must pick up

The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr. , to hear him in his own words. His thoughts…his visions…his true dreams for a compassionate and united World.

Not only a national hero, but also a world leader.

A man of addiction; addicted to his work, addicted to a

purpose, addicted to results and outcomes in matters not regarding war or financial gains, but in regards to people; their well-being, psychologically, spiritually, emotionally and practically.

Dr. King is as vehement and diabolic

as Malcolm X in his criticism of the white supremacist power structure in American business and in world politics.

He readily criticized

white communities for not giving enough human or political support to civil rights organizations when these organizations desperately needed it....

it took Dr. King to lead an army

of a handful of activists to march into Washington and demand the goals of and for justice be met. And met they were.

Mahatma Gandhi was Dr. King’s greatest hero.

Dr. King was not only an outstanding activist; he was also

a philosopher. A Phd by educational and academic training, Dr. King was very interested in the state of the world in regards to the human condition.

Could morality and practicality be mutual partners

in a goal to reach a more sustainable, happier, and physically healthier society?

Could consciousness and power be twin stands

of the same base force that pushes us onward?

That rather than peace and power balancing

each other in a negative feedback cycle, were peace and power actually co-dependent in a positive feedback cycle?

Could greater peace mean greater power?

Peace meant prosperity, prosperity meant strength, and strength meant power.

Dr. King and Malcolm X are some of the most powerful angels

ever to grace this Earth with their life and existence. I would put Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Indira Gandhi, Al Gore and Barack Obama in this category as well.

Angels with a purpose; humans with a destiny.

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