The Cure for a Broken Heart

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The Cure for a Broken Heart

by Sparks

The word love had been lost. It was simply no more.

The people had lost feeling, their hearts growing colder with each new day. Each year a new generation would come, and another would die, but still no love would be brought back.

Babies would still be born, but they would receive no love.

The human race would not give up, they would continue on. The future had come, but all the beautiful new inventions couldn't cover up the holes in their hearts. Until the day that she was born.

Taj. She knew she was different, but she couldn't change it.

Anyone could tell that she was different. Her eyes, how they gleamed when she saw beauty, when she wanted to express love. She learned to contain her feelings. No reason to waste emotions.

She had let her heart become dull.

Again and again she would reach out, only to find the warmth she craved replaced with emptiness. But one day, she felt something she had never felt before. Something that had almost gone extinct.

Amias. His name rolled of her tongue and down to her heart.

His eyes contained a small glint. One that Taj had seen thousands of times before in her mirror at home. One that screamed for attention. One that had been cast out for an entire lifetime.

One that Taj had been searching for.

They both knew. Before they ever even said a word they were pulled towards each other, thrown into an embrace that confused any of the others standing nearby. This embrace carried them away.

Away to a place where love blossomed once again.

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