Empty is me

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sparkle90 Truth as gold, love is pure.
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This is dedicated to my friend who is leaving commaful

Empty is me

I can't hide the misery in my eyes. The sadness in my tone. The breaking in my voice, the shaking of my bones. My tears glide down, softly to the floor.

At the thought that my friend, won't be here no more. I weep with great pain ,hoping this is a lie. But what more can I do, than lay down and cry.

Our friendship will be eternal, but she can't stay for long. I hope I can hear her voice, as my private song. I may be here, and my heart still beating.

But the misery got me on the ground, and it is defeating. I will fight back, because I still have hope. Because there is no use, to mope. There is great message, waiting to find. All I want is to be in my right mind.

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