You Said Yes
You Said Yes lesbians stories
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spadezealous Made in space with alongside the stars
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This one is about the girl from "I am stunned". She doesn't have a commaful account, but I dedicate this poem to my lovely Katie.

You Said Yes

by spadezealous

You said yes. For what reason, I have no clue, but I've never been happier.

We texted for hours, longer than he and I had ever texted over the course of the year we were together. We've been together for about two weeks now, and I haven't had any second thoughts.

We went from calling each other mate, to babe. We've gone from sending each other hearts, to just saying I love you. The best part? You said it first.

My sister wants to meet you.

It would be so easy to sneak you past my mom; to say we were just friends, and hide away in my room all night. You know how she is about these things after all.

All I've wanted for the past few days is to have your body pressed against mine, to bury my hands in your hair, slide them against your back, your hips.

I drew this picture of you a while back.

I've felt this way before, but only with boys, and how silly those boys were. It has never been clearer that I have a very strong preference for girls.

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