I Notice Everything About Her
I Notice Everything About Her romance stories

spadezealous Made in space with alongside the stars
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An old draft about my recent ex-girlfriend. Dunno why I didn't post it when I wrote it...

I Notice Everything About Her

by spadezealous

I notice everything about her.

I notice the way the freckle on her cheek moves when she smiles, and how her eyelashes flutter when she blinks.

I've memorized the texture of her hair, the soft curve of her legs, and the gentle slope of her shoulders.

Ive memorized how wisps of hair fall around her face after being hastily put into a ponytail.

there isn't an hour I go without thinking about her, and she occupies my dreams with the comfort of her touch.

I've traced her name on the back of my hand a million times, repeating it like a mantra in my head.

I give her products of my love, from candy canes at christmas, to handmade heart pillow on valentine's day, and paintings all year round.

The phrase "Oh man" that comes after every gift, and her blush that i can read even through text.

She loves me back, and that's what makes her special. All the others weren't real, only equal to a figment of my imagination.

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