SpaceKool blasting off in 4,3,2,1..

SpaceKoolnautStartup Cosmonaut
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SpaceKool blasting off in 4,3,2,1..

by SpaceKoolnaut

"Pocketable Progress for Projects"

As an agency ourselves creating websites & mobile apps, we sought out to create the Koolest app in the Universe for Freelancers, Agencies, Contractors, PMs, and Hustlers of all kinds

Responsive and Works at The Speed of Light

SpaceKool is built and future-proofed with the Meteor JS framework that reacts on both the client and server side at the same time!

Save Time, Get Paid

SpaceKool's invoicing system was built to eliminate the "Awkwardness" of asking your Client to "Pay Up" on every Milestone, Progress, or Deliverable. Like Pearl said "I want my money!!!!"

K.eep I.t S.imple S.paceKoolnaut

We want our users to approach their workload with a minimalistic, simple, and highly useful app. We employ the K.I.S.S. principle at all times!

Sneak Peek 2/3

You get an exclusive sneak peek that is usually reserved for our early Beta SpaceKoolnaut Squadron!

Rocket Boost over to

Hurry up to and become part of our SpaceKoolnaut Squadron before this Cat beats you to it!!

SpaceKoolnauts, Squad-Up!

We are happy to have you aboard Mission Control on our never-ending Journey into the Cosmos pushing our Speed-of-Light drive to the Max!

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SpaceKoolnautStartup Cosmonaut
a year agoReply
Thank you bestof!! Head over to to sign up for our newsletter. You actually got an advance sneak peek of this week's exclusive. Part 3 is next week. Our engineers are hard at work finishing up Public release. ETA 1-2 months. Thanks for the support!

bestofFinding the Best
a year agoReply
I like the sneak preview :) What's next?