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spacebluemoon Community member
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uPdAtE tIMe

Quick little update

So, I've been gone for about...six months. So, half a year. Well damn, that's a long time. Anyways, I'm back, and I'm perfectly okay.

So, I know I have my sim, and don't worry, I'm still doing it! I just have to finish chapter 2 first... yes i know, I had like half a year to get it done, but I've been busy with life.

uh, i guess you can expect chapter two of inside the darkness soon, and some more poems. maybe... or maybe just more stories

in all honestly, i might spend more time on my alt account than on my main account (y'all never find my alt account, and if y'all do then good job i guess 👀) anyways, I'll try my best to post regularly and bring you guys the best content possible

Have a good day/night! (and please take care of yourselves) - Pandora

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