Meet the characters! || Unnamed sim...maybe?
Meet the characters! || Unnamed sim...maybe? sim stories

spacebluemoon Community member
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The moment you realise that almost the entire sim is filled with girls: 🤯

Ayeee, girl power!

Meet the characters! || Unnamed sim...maybe?

WELCOME, ALL! Before we start, here's a word from our sponsors.

Please leave any negativity at the door. And enjoy the introduction of the characters. This is so weirddddddd.

Kirabella Rose Lee

Kirabella is an outgoing and a smart person. She's honest, so she won't hesitate to tell you the truth. She's funny, but can be sarcastic too. Power: Senses Multiply Hearing gets better, she can run faster, etc. They don't multiply much and she gets tired afterward.

Andromeda Lily Cassparr (Should I call her Rommie? I don't really know..)

She's kinda mean, but she's also kinda nice. She can be scary and honestly, just don't mess with her. She may be the youngest of the group, but she sure is strong and powerful. Power: Can transform into any creature. It can't be an extinct or a mythological creature though. (Had to add that last part to make sure it doesn't become overpowered.)

Ekon Ramona Dungeon

She's very fun to be around and is quite animated and quirky. Ekon is very good at getting in and out of anywhere. Most of the time. Power: Flight

Roxanne (Roxi) Dawn Hudson

Manipulative, understanding, kind, and fierce. She's an introvert, blames herself for everything. She's a bit clumsy and she's good at fighting. She always thinks she's not enough. Power: Can control darkness (I had to delete the shadow part, seeing as another character already has it. I'm sorry)

Nat Andesite

Really sly and seductive, but once she opens up to you, she's chatty and funny. Power: She can take the power of whoever she touches. and immediately master it. She keeps the power until she touches them again.

Mezona Lee

Very controlling and strict, she can be nice, but only when she has to be. She's manipulative, cunning, surprisingly nerdy, and very resourceful. Power: Controls shadows, and can give them solid forms such as animals or humanoids

Remy Lawson

He's kind, quiet, honest, loyal, trustworthy and he's a stuttering freak! Power: Telepathy and Telekinesis

Andy Lagos

Cunning, smart, funny, flirty, seductive, always has an escape plan, hides emotions. He's broken inside but won't show it (Aren't we all?) Power: None, but is highly skilled in the art of knives (throwing, fighting, fencing, etc)

This sim will most likely be updated/started whenever I have time. If you have a picture you want me to use for your character, please DM me the link and I'll change it to that.

This post will be updated whenever I get new minor characters. Also, I really do need name suggestions. So if you have any, please comment them :)

If anyone needs me, I'll be writing fanfiction about time travel shenanigans. Because why not? Anyways, have a great day and/or night! - Wednesday (Yep, I'm too lazy to make two new pages, lmao)

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