Dear Ms. Taylor
Dear Ms. Taylor to-future-me-2018 stories

soyoung Small time writer with big time dreams
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Little note to my future self

Dear Ms. Taylor

Ms. Taylor

You may not get into Baylor

Or be called Dr. Taylor

You may not get on the A-list

But make someone's hit list

You may not be beautiful

But to me you're booty-ful

You're sarcastic, but funny

And don't have very much money

But who needs it when you have family

You don't need to be pretty

Be witty

Be kind and lovely

In your own way of course

And when you're old you'll say you lived

Yes you did of course!

You don't need money or fame

All you need is family and friends cause they are here to stay

Live to your fullest and never stray

Always be yourself in your little sarcastic way

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