This is what I'm here for
This is what I'm here for poem stories

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poem about you

This is what I'm here for

The sun was setting east

head plundering energy,

as thoughts came,

opportunity went

Limited time,

head spinning faster

cold shivering thoughts,-

this is what I'm here for..

As we exchange words

I finally make him shut up,-

this is what im here for

pounding in my head

trying to get out,

Keep walking I repeat

along a dark dimly lit path

water rising,

no end in sight

whispers flood thought

the clock watching as he keeps walking

plowing and plowing

no turning back

wait for me! I scream

his eyes stare at me unforgivingly

as Im about to give up

thoughts creep in

this is what im here for..

I comfort myself one last time,... - and keep walking

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