[Initial Fear]
[Initial Fear] moving forward stories

soundofblue Thoughts in silence too loud to ignore
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Keep moving forward

[Initial Fear]

Dark auras around me everything is black vague, blurred, and hard to see evil eyes staring me in the back

Helping others when you are helpless is like mending shattered dreams millions of pieces on the floor of glass impossible to connect the seams

Unlike pieces of a puzzle of a single picture dreams don't have a specific place connect them however you like, but be sure to take your time, it is not a race

Your goal so close giving up is an option to end it now in deep morose is not just a stupid question

Who would've thought that such simple decisions weigh down like cars on top of our mind deep cuts in self-will and harsh mental incisions leaving us in a tight bind

You mind crashes like waves on a beach sinking into the sand or receding back But your friends are within arms reach to support you where you lack

The message displayed may not be clear but always remember this looking backwards will make you fear so always look forward and focus

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