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did we choose our lives? predestined?

By: John Yarbrough

Why this life?

by John Yarbrough

I sit in front of my council after a life of accomplished and unfinished deeds

Suggestions and agreements as we create the next life this soul needs

This is what I think about as I lay in the comfort of my bed

Sometimes the thoughts get too much, the pressure builds inside my head

Sometimes I get upset that I keep repeating the same cycle

I know these actions are wrong but it still plays like a recital

How many times have I chosen a different path?

1, 2, 3, 4, I can't even do the math

Plan a, b, c

A plan for the whole alphabet

Could I change my course completely, or is my life already set?

I believe in fate, but I also believe in free will

I have a tendency to give, but I am able to uncomfortably steal

I have a tendency to hold my truth, but I can still speak

To others, I appear strong, but sometimes I feel weak

I have a tendency to spend too much time at work

but rest and self-love are what I need

So, I look out to the universe and I question, "why this life?"

Why would I choose to encounter so much suffering and so much strife?

But for some odd and unfortunate reason, my life still feels right

I like to think I set up what I could handle and it's felt like lots

It takes time, but beauty grows from what decomposes and rots

So, I will stick it through and complete whatever it is I set out to do

I will do my best to offset this karma until my next soul's review

I am grateful for this life and I chose it for a reason

A lifetime seems like an eternity but only lasts for a season

This university of life, with many courses to choose from

It is always time to set out what we were meant to become

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